4K vs 5K Monitor: See The Difference To Pick Wisely

4k vs 5k monitor difference

The demand for large-resolution monitors has seen a surge in market demand as people become more aware of the technology and want more pixel-rich experiences from their monitors. We live in an era where we even have an 8K resolution display. Well, 8K might not be the requirement for now, so let’s focus on 4K and 5K monitors.

In this comparison of 4K vs 5K monitors, you will find the essential details and answers to the most common queries, so let’s get into it without wasting time.

4K vs 5K Monitor: Why Go For Higher Resolution?

We have all been using Full HD, also known as a 2K resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) display, for a long time. 4K and 5K monitors, on the other hand, become affordable over time while still providing added benefits.

A 4K resolution has double the number of pixels compared to Full HD (1080p), offering you a much clean footage experience; in 5K, the pixel count increase to an extent.

Not all users need a 4K and 5K monitor. These rich-resolution monitors are for console gamers, PC gamers, video editors, photographers, and avid binge-watchers. Playing Xbox and PS5 games on a higher resolution is a totally different experience.

It is necessary for working professionals in the media industry to pay attention to elements; this is exactly what a 4K and 5K monitor provides.

4K vs 5K Resolution: Dive Into Details

Here, let’s clear the basics first and later compare 4K and 5K monitors to clearly understand which one is the right one according to your requirement. Before that, have a quick look at the table below.

Specification4K Monitor5K Monitor
Resolution3840 x 21605120 x 2880
Refresh rate range60 – 240 Hz60Hz Only
Power consumption100W (Typical) – 170W (Maximum)140W (Typical) – 200W (Maximum)
Total pixel representation8.3 million pixels14.7 million pixels

The above table covers a glimpse of 4K and 5K common features, there are numerous other factors such as ports availability, monitor type(e.g., Ultrawide or regular), ports, brightness, color grading, and more; however, in this comparison, we are looking at terms comparison and not specific products.

4K/5K Resolution Definition:

The basic definition of the resolution remains the same, i.e., how many pixels are shown for an image per inch (or pixels per centimeter). An inch contains a set number of pixels. The higher the resolution, the more pixel it will have; hence, the output you will see is sharper and does not look distorted even after zooming in (only if the image is high-quality).

Is a 5K Monitor Better Than a 4K Monitor?

In terms of user experience, definitely. You’ll get ~1100 pixels, and the total pixel representation count is almost 77% higher than 4K.

The only downside to a 5K monitor is that you don’t get a high refresh rate; in 4K, you have the option.

Well, the refresh rate is one’s personal preference. As for me, I prefer a 4K display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a great mix of pixel-rich display and responsiveness.

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What Value 4K and 5K Monitor Brings to the Table?

Color, contrast, brightness, and all these factors will vary in the real-time purchase as manufacturers produce monitors with different features and pricing. So, let’s look at what value it brings to the table.

  1. The pixel-rich experience

pixel rich experienceSince there are no other parameters to look at, a remarkable experience is what it brings to the table. While the only value proposition is only one, it benefits many industry users.

Let’s understand this by connecting the dots. Platforms like Youtube and Netflix allow users to stream videos in 4K quality and encourage all the creators to upload videos in high resolution as well, respecting the growing interest of people in binge-watching and visual experiences.

The availability of the internet might not be the same for everyone. Still, technology development is on a roll, and the time will come when fast internet will not be a surprise anymore to anyone.


Creators shooting videos in 4K resolution need a capable monitor; there is no denying that even an FHD and QHD monitor can edit 4K footage.

However, with a 4K monitor, it will become easier to handle the clips, and your experience as a video editor will become smooth, which explains a 4K or 5K monitor is essential for video editors. The same goes for photo editors, primarily for wildlife and cloudscape photographers.

The choice of 4K and 5K monitors is optional for PC gamers, depending on your interest. But. For console gamers, it is preferable to have a high-resolution monitor, preferably 4K, 5K, or higher (8K is the limit for now).

As a console gamer, you will be amazed by the smoothness, graphics, and overall gaming experience.

Do Not Buy a 4K or 5K Monitor IF…

You are just amazed by the rich resolution experience. In that case, the best advice is not to waste your money if you hardly ever interact with your monitor, and even if you do, the work is not related to the media.

A simplification of the above statement is that you work in

  • Corporate.

You do not need a 4K or 5K monitor to view Microsoft Office apps or Google software, code, or browsing.


In this 4K vs 5K monitor comparison, I found the 4K monitor a better option considering its availability and features. 5K is also a good option if you are fine playing high-end games at fix 60Hz rate or want to binge-watch on a pixel-rich screen.


Does YouTube support 5K videos?

YouTube allows creators to upload 8K footage, representing the same quality to devices capable of viewing 8K footage. If you have an 8K screen, go to the setting > quality > select 4320p 8K.

Why are there very few 5K monitors compared to 4K?

5K monitor demand is less compared to 4K. Also, 5K resolution displays demand more power while limiting you on the features as of now compared to 4K, which is why there are fewer 5K monitors in the market.

Is UHD the same as the 4K?

Yes. 4K resolution, also known as UHD or Ultra HD resolution. So when someone says they have a UHD monitor or TV, they refer to 4K.

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