Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth It? Check it Now

Are ultrawide monitors worth it?

Whenever we see the word “ultra” before something, we get excited. Things are no different with ultrawide monitors. They are shiny, attractive, and among the most popular monitors on the market today. Whether it is online or in stores, we see multiple ads luring us to buy them. But, are they really worth it? Must we buy them? You will find out in this article.

What are ultrawide monitors, really?

ultrawide-monitorsUltrawide monitors are the big brothers of regular monitors. Any monitor that is wider than 16:9 comes under this category. The height remains the same but the width increases. A common aspect ratio is 21:9. These monitors are still as big as monitors with 16:9 ratio. The only difference is that they are wider.

Are they ultra-expensive?

Sadly, yes. This is the main reason why people ask whether these monitors are worth it. When you see the price range, you will understand what we mean. The ideal size is 27 inches, and they are priced much higher than regular 27-inch monitors.

Who can benefit from ultrawide monitors?

Gamers and movie lovers will go gaga over ultrawide monitors because their movie-watching and gaming experience get amplified. They will absolutely love the wide angles and immersive experience.

Those who are usually engaged in multitasking while working will also benefit from these monitors because they can open and see multiple windows at the same time.

What are the cons?

The price is the biggest downside but besides that, the GPU load will give you a headache. More pixels directly mean more load and gamers will find it very difficult to cope up while playing high resolution games. Many users also say that they don’t enjoy content support or software support because these monitors are relatively new and not everyone has adapted to them yet.

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth It?

If you can afford it and do not mind the GPU load, you can blindly buy a good super-wide monitor. But, if you can make do with a regular monitor, we urge you to go with it at least for the foreseeable future. Rates may come down, and the software support may get better. Then, you will experience a world of gaming and movie-watching like never before!

Those who aren’t really into gaming, movies, or multitasking don’t need to bother with these monitors at all. They are too expensive to buy for regular work, honestly. Be mindful of your choice and splurge only if you need to.

Are you planning on buying an ultrawide monitor? If yes, which one? Tell us in comments!

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