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If you want to buy an ideal monitor for the tasks like surfing the web, checking emails and doing social media, gaming, project work and coding, etc., then you are at the right place. Here you will find the best monitors in all the categories as well as their top rated lists for each category. Read ahead and get the best monitor with a higher performance and loads of features in the niche you are interested.

Best Monitors

Best Gaming Monitors

BenQ RL2755HM 27 inchGaming is a thing that most of the desktop users are addicted to. For having an enhanced gaming experience, you should have the best gaming monitors with a faster response rate and refresh time for getting a clearer image and minimal blurring.

BenQ RL2755HM Console Gaming Monitor

The BenQ RL2755HM is a 27” gaming monitor which is designed to provide you an experience of fluid console gaming. It gives you absolute control and visibility.


  • The BenQ RL2755HM Gaming Monitor has a response time of 1ms GTG for ultra-smooth transitions
  • For an additional flexibility, it comes with a 20 level color vibrancy setting and dual HDMI
  • The black eQualizer color engine technology offers an unmatched level of visibility and control
  • The zero flicker technology from BenQ reduces the eye fatigue and elevates the gaming performance via extreme visual comfort
  • The flexible display mode and the Smart Scaling features give you freedom to change the viewing size of the monitor to simulate your gaming experience

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Best UltraWide Monitors

Curved LED-Lit MonitorFor the professional photographers, graphic artists, video producers, and serious gamers, the larger viewing area is ideal. For them, the UltraWide monitors are the perfect option to choose.

Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch LED-Lit UltraWide Monitor

The Dell U3415W UltraWide monitor will give you a revolutionary visual and audio experience. It has a plenty of room to allow you viewing two windows at the same time.


  • Dell’s UltraSharp U3415W is one of the world’s first 34-inch UltraWide monitors
  • It has a 3440×1440 pixels resolution which delivers the images with details in a WQHD picture quality
  • To give you an optimal viewing, it comes with a height-adjustable stand
  • It is thin enough for wall mounting and also comes with a VESA-compliant kit
  • To give you a better quality audio, it has dual 9W speakers built-in

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Best 27-inch Monitors

ASUS VS278Q-P 27If you want a mid-range monitor with a fair screen size, then you should go for a 27-inch monitor. You will find a lot of brands out there acclaiming to provide the best 27-inch monitor, but as per our research, the ASUS VS278Q-P is the top option among all of them.

ASUS VS278Q-P Full HD 1ms DisplayPort Back-lit LED  27-inch Monitor

With the ultra-smooth visual playback, the VS278Q-P 27-inch monitor from Asus is a full HD monitor which delivers you clear and crisp visuals at your home or office. With the energy saving LED-backlit display, it is an ideal monitor for any task at your hand.


  • It has an amazing full HD visual clarity
  • For providing the smooth motion playback, it has a response time of 1ms
  • The 27-inch LED backlit display helps to save energy as well as provides brighter luminance
  • Made with a splendid video intelligence technology to optimize image quality automatically
  • The smart contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 from ASUS enhances the lifelike image delivery

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Best 1440p Monitors

ASUS ROG SWIFTIf you are a serious gamer, then you must have heard about switching your monitor to 1440P for upgrading the gaming experience. Today, most of the games support 1440P resolution and you do not need to set up a dual GPU to maintain the frame rate. Another advantage of a best 1440P monitor is, it comes at significantly fewer costs and available with a G-Sync or FreeSync integration.

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q 27-Inch 2560 x 1440P Monitor with G-Sync Integration

The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q 1440P monitor is the world’s first gaming monitor built with the NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It provides the smoothest, fastest, and most comfortable visual gaming experience among all the monitors in its class.


  • It has a refresh rate of 144Hz and a response time of 1ms
  • Built with the ASUS Eye care technology for a less eye fatigue
  • For giving a comfortable viewing position, it comes with an ergonomically designed stand with a pivot, tilt, swivel, and high adjustment with a wall-mount capability
  • The 5-way OSD navigation joystick allows you to select and adjust the screen easily
  • Built with an exclusive GamePlus onscreen timer and a turbo key with a 60-12-144Hz refresh rate

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Best 144hz Monitors

BenQ XL2411Z 144HzThe 144hz monitor due to its high framerates offers less evident tearing and smooth and fluid actions. The refresh rate of 144 frames per second provides you the high-quality graphics and reduces the eye strain.

BenQ XL2411Z 144Hz Monitor with NVIDIA 3D Vision Supported seamless FPS

The XL2411Z 144hz monitor from BenQ is a high-performance gaming monitor which gives you no excuse to lose. It is built with the latest Motion Blur Reduction Technology to provide incredible visual impact.


  • The 144hz refresh rate with 1ms response time gives ultra-smooth gaming experience
  • The black eQualizer technology offers visual clarity even in the darkest scenes
  • The Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management (GROM) features give absolute viewing comfort and convenience
  • You can feel the raw thrills and an exhilaration of seamless FPS gameplay with a perfect 24-inch display
  • It is best for RTS, FPS, and MOBA game

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Best 1080p Monitors

HP Pavilion 21.5-InchSome people want a good-quality gaming monitor, but do not want to spend their fortune. For such budget loving people, the most advisable option is to get a best 1080P monitor. You may not get all the brand spanking latest features, but ye, you will definitely get a great budget-friendly monitor.

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch LED 1080P Monitor

When you want the best specifications at the right price, then you have no choice other than going for the HP Pavilion LED 1080P monitor. It delivers the trusted HP performance and is the bestseller on AMAZON.COM in the category of Computer Monitors.


  • The IPS (In-Panel Switching) technology with a 21-inch diagonal screen shares consistent high color fidelity
  • It offers a stunning vantage point almost from every angle
  • It comes with an open WEDGE stand which provides convenience to HDMI and VGA port connection access
  • The full HD 1920x1080P resolution offers color and clarity radiate
  • An incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a quick response time of 7mms

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Best 24-inch Monitors

Dell Computer UltrasharpA best 24-inch monitor is a sweet selection for considering both the size and price. The best combination for a 24-inch monitor is 1920×1200 pixels, and an aspect ratio of 16:10. It will give you more vertical space which makes a big difference for the most common tasks like web browsing, office work, and gaming.

Dell Ultrasharp U2415 LED 24-Inch Monitor

The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24-inch monitor gives you a stunning color accuracy with a 99% sRGB color coverage. With 16:10 aspect ratio and 1920×1200 resolution make it a best 24-inch monitor by giving an immense viewing experience and an excellent connectivity.


  • A high-performance, spacious display with a vivid color accuracy
  • The extensive ports allow you to connect, charge, and project your handheld devices seamlessly
  • You can pivot it for 90 degrees either clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • It meets the latest environmental and regulatory standards
  • Virtually borderless viewing is ideal for the multi-monitor setup
  • The 16.78 million high color depth enables it to offer great color details

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Best IPS Monitors

ASUS MX279H 27A best IPS monitor will provide you a better image consistency, super color accuracy, and a wider viewing angle than the TN panel monitors. The In-Panel Switching (IPS) technology works best for the non-gaming UHD display and graphic editing needs.

ASUS MX279H 27″ Full HD AH-IPS Monitor

The edge-to-edge frameless design and the SonicMaster sound technology helps the ASUS MX279H monitor to become the best IPS monitor in its class. It delivers high-quality audio and visual entertainment for your 21st-century display needs.


  • The frameless design gives it an award winning style and makes it great for a multi-monitor setup
  • For a high-quality audio playback, it is built with a SonicMaster sound technology and two 3-watt speakers
  • The touch-sensitive controls and QuickFit offers an easy monitor control
  • The AH-IPS technology with full HD 1920x1080P resolution
  • Featured with dual HDMI ports to connect multiple devices at same time

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Best Curved Monitors

Acer PredatorAs the years passes, the movies are becoming more compelling and games are significantly becoming more immersive. For such and many other UHD tasks, you need to stuck between two/three windows side by side. For meeting such requirements, the best curved monitor is the right choice.

Acer Predator 34-inch Curved Monitor with QHD (3440 x 1440) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display (X34 bmiphz)

The Predator X34 from Acer is the best curved monitor providing an ultimate gaming performance and style to you. The 21:9 aspect ratio with 34-inch curved screen draws you deep into the action and provides transformed viewing experience.


  • It is the world’s first curved monitor which is built with the NVIDIA G-Sync Technology
  • It eliminates screen tearing and provides an epic gaming experience
  • The curved design entertains you from all corners of the screen and gives a uniform viewing experience
  • The synchronized refresh rate for your powerful GPU minimizes display stutter and input lag
  • The 100% sRGB color gamut and 6-axis color adjustment ensures that the images come to life and games pop
  • RoHS compliant and built with the Acer EcoDisplay technology

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Best Portable Monitors

ASUS MB168B HDFor the PowerPoint presentations, service kiosks, photo frames, and any other business use, the portable monitors are a good choice. A best portable monitor comes in a lightweight design, can be connected via USB quickly, and is perfect as an on-the-go screen option for your laptop.

ASUS MB168B HD USB-Powered Portable Monitor with USB 3.0

The sleek and ultra-portable Zen-inspired design make the ASUS MB168B an incredibly slim and light companion portable monitor. It is ideal for the mobile presentations and simple & on-the-go dual monitor setup.


  • A 15.6 inch USB powered display with 1366x768P resolution
  • It automatically senses the adjustment needs and switches its display between the portrait and landscape mode
  • Durable metallic finish with a fine pattern of concentric circles makes it a perfect compliment
  • The pencil-like thin and ultra-light design gives it an effortless portability
  • The ASUS EzLink technology with offloading graphics processing allows you to connect up to 5 MB168B portable monitors with your PC at the same time regardless its graphic capabilities

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A monitor is an essential thing for all your computer needs. Whether you want to surf the web or want to access your files, you need a display. As the years passes, the monitors become more to be a luxury item rather than just being a mandatory thing for the visual tasks. For all the business and household alike, the latest and greatest monitors are becoming top recommendations for all the visual stuff. We are doing our best to provide you the perfect companion for your PC in different categories which allows you to choose from a wide variety of monitors to meet your needs. Stay tuned with us for more as improvements are always there.