Best Desk For Ultrawide Monitor – Bigger Workspace for Bigger Screen

Best Desk For Ultrawide Monitors

A desk is where your monitor sits, and since you own the ultrawide monitor, I am pretty much you are either a gamer or a person who wants to build a comfortable work from setup, and the desk plays an essential role in it. To buy the best desk for the ultrawide monitor, check out the detailed guide and top picks that I’ve filtered for you.

  1. BEST OVERALLStand Steady 55 Inch Standing Adjustable Desk
  2. BEST FEATURE-RICH DESKOUTFINE Height Adjustable Standing Desk
  4. BEST L-SHAPE DESKL-Shaped 66″ Home Office Desk with Round Corner

Types of Desk for Ultrawide Monitors

Buying a desk without understanding the factors like dimension, shape, size, add-ons, and type will waste time dealing with returns and the customer support team of e-commerce websites. Instead, read this guide, take measure tape, pen, and paper, and start noting things to buy the best desk for your ultrawide monitor.

L-Shaped Desk

As mentioned in the name, it is a desk with an L-section shape. L-shape desks are best if you plan to set up monitors on the corner side of the room, they will align correctly with the walls, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of moving them until or unless you decide to clean them.

An L-shaped desk is recommended for developers, multimedia content editors, and traders. It also gives you more space to put more monitors on it. You can use more place two ultrawide monitors along with a laptop.

Adjustable Desk

An adjustable desk improves work flexibility. You can work while sitting on a chair and increase height when you want to work while staying in a standing position. The adjustable desk looks like a regular stand, but the added mechanism allows users to adjust the desk height as per their preference.

You will find manual adjustment and motorized adjustment. Of course, motorized adjustments are expensive. It is a great desk type for people working hours in front of their screens.

U-Shaped Desk

It is perfect for working professionals dealing with papers and important documents. It comes in a U-shape covered from three sides, and one is open from where you can enter your chair. U-shaped is advisable only if you want a proper at-home office. For small rooms, a U-shape desk is not a good buy.

The advantages of the U-shape desk include more space and drawers to keep your documents in one place, and you can work with multiple screens at once if you want to.

Types of deskBuying Guide for Ultrawide Monitor Desk

Understanding your room size, requirements, things you want on the table, and clever budgeting can help you filter an excellent desk for your ultrawide monitor. To help you with these factors, I have compiled a definitive guide to help you sort the best desk for the ultrawide monitor.


It includes room space and the current size of your ultrawide monitor (in inches). To fit a 27-inch monitor, you need a table with a 24-inch broad, 46-inch horizontal length, and 30 to 46-inch height.

The height factor depends on your work style.

The below table will help you decide which size of the desk is best for you:

Ultrawide Monitor Size (In Inches)Recommended Desk Size (In Inches)
24 to 30L-40, B-24, H-30
30 to 40L-50, B-28, H-40
40 to 50L-60, B-32 H-50

It is a rough estimation.

If you are searching for an adjustable stand, then the desk of your choice might have a bigger height which is fine. Also, the table above is for a single ultrawide monitor.

Now comes the room size. At what place are you going to set up the desk? Is it on a corner, or you’re allotting a specific room to make it a workspace?

An L-shape desk is perfect for a corner space, and to set up your workstation in front of a flat wall, a regular desk is okay, or you can go for adjustable ones too.


Your setup includes a monitor, a keyboard, CPU, and extra accessories like headphones, a water bottle, a laptop, etc. The mentioned items will surely be there if you build a proper setup.

You must keep these add-ons in mind and consider purchasing a big desk.

E.g., if you have a 30-inch monitor, but you have a lot of add-ons, buying a desk suggested for 30 to 40-inches is a good investment.


It is an optional factor or depends more on one’s preference. Storage space like drawers and mounting for water bottles are helpful; you can keep things inside and make the table look clean.

People dealing with lots of paper works need nearby storage to reduce the time tolerance. Gamers and freelancers can also use it to keep their small accessories like earphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Best Picks

Desks support the monitor’s weight and are responsible for a seamless experience. If you don’t have a proper desk, you will not be able to enjoy using your ultrawide monitor. These monitors specifically need more attention because they are larger than standard models. The desk you buy should be able to bear your monitor setup without hindering your usage. Below are the options that I think suit the need of almost all people.

1. Stand Steady 55 Inch Standing Adjustable Desk

Stand Steady 55 Inch Standing Adjustable Desk

BuyOnAmazonStand steady adjustable desk is a sub-type of regular desk with added features, and its ergonomic design makes it a top choice. You can work sitting on a chair, and by using the crank, you can increase the desk’s height and work in a standing position.

The added shelf layer increases the eye distance and provides a comfortable screen view.

It can handle a load up to 66.25lbs, and installing at home or office is a piece of cake. It is 55-inch horizontally long, 23.6-inch breadth, and 46-inch long.

You can set up three small sizes (24-inch) monitors in a row or one big single ultrawide monitor on this desk. It is a study, stunning-looking, and value-for-money desk you can have on your side.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Crank for adjusting height
  • Excellent for home and office
  • Expensive

2. OUTFINE Height Adjustable Standing Desk

OUTFINE Height Adjustable Standing Desk

BuyOnAmazonThe OUTFINE desk is available in 48, 55, and 63 inches. You can choose based on how large your monitor is. For a 49-inch ultrawide monitor, 63 inches is large enough.

It is a simple adjustable desk allowing you to set the height from 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches based on your needs.

The electric motor will enable you to select the height with a click of a button according to your requirement. The motor produced almost little to no sound when moving the table height.

To please the user with extra add-ons, you get a headphone hook and a cup holder so that you don’t use the space on the surface for these accessories.

The desk has an iron frame and can support 180 lbs without problems. It comes with all the necessary tools required for assembly.

  • High-load carrying capacity
  • Add-ons for water bottles and headphones
  • Premium build quality
  • Assembly might not be easy for everyone

3. VIPEK Ergonomic Desk

VIPEK Ergonomic Desk

BuyOnAmazonVIPEK desk for the ultrawide monitor has a solid aesthetic impression with its red and black color combination. The black carbon fiber surface is waterproof and scratch-resistant; you can stress-free about accidental water drops.

The K-shaped stand has a powder coating to make it rustproof and improve the desk’s overall lifespan.

The desk can handle up to 220lbs of weight and has enough space to hold a single 50-inch ultrawide monitor or two 30-inch monitors.

It is a complete feature-rich desk with lots of add-ons, high-carrying capacity, and sturdy build quality.

  • Feature-rich desk
  • High-load carrying capacity
  • Robust build quality
  • Only comes in one color combination

4. L-Shaped 66″ Home Office Desk with Round Corner

L-Shaped 66″ Home Office Desk with Round Corner

BuyOnAmazonL-shaped desks are best if you want to setup your workplace on the corner side of the room. It has a rounded corner to fit tight spaces along with other exciting features easily.

It comes with an extra monitor shelf to accommodate a laptop. It can easily house three screens, two fixed and one portable.

On the side, you also get a switchable storage bag to keep files, glasses, smartphones, scissors, etc. It will reduce the on-table clutter, and you can work in a clean environment.

It is available in 7 different colors, so you will get the option that suits your house interior.

  • Suitable for home, office, and gaming
  • Color choice available
  • Switchable storage bag on the side
  • Decent build quality

5. Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

BuyOnAmazonIt is one of the most affordable L-shaped desks for monitors. You get everything, looks, features, and reliability at a budget price, a bang-for-the-buck desk.

The manufacturer provides an assembly guide and customer support if you need it. Speaking of the desk surface, it is anti-slippery, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

The metal frame and surface board can carry up to 100 lbs of load without a problem and will fit a 24-50 inch ultrawide monitor without a problem.

You will have ample leg room on the bottom side, and both sides of the desk are easily reachable, saving time.

  • Clever design
  • Good build quality
  • Ample leg-room space
  • Nothing as such


A desk is where all you do your work and gaming; furthermore, experience is equally important. Most desks can hold large and broad monitors, but you need a feature-rich one.

I recommend Stand Steady 55 Inch Standing Adjustable Desk for people who like to switch work positions and L Shaped 66″ Home Office Desk with a Round Corner for folks needing more space. If it’s for gaming, VIPEK Ergonomic Desk is the best of all.


Q. How expansive should the monitor desk be?

20-inch is the minimal size as you will not only place the monitor but also keep the keyboard, laptop, mouse, and other extra things like notes, wearable, etc.

Q. What type of desk do I need for a laptop and monitor?

An L-shaped desk will be perfect if you work with an ultrawide monitor and laptop.

Q. Are L-shaped desks worth it?

L-shape desks are worth it to people who have a space in the corner of their room. Furthermore, these people are multitaskers, traders, or working professionals.

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