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How to Charge Laptop Battery Externally? – Find Simple Hack Here


A laptop is a boon for the computer users, especially for those who travel a lot or who want to finish their tasks on the go. It provides a convenient, mobile, and quick way to edit documents, check documents, enjoy multimedia contents, and do many more tasks of a computer.

But, as nothing comes without a challenge, a laptop needs to be charged for using it. And to keep the computer working, you need to charge its battery. But if the battery is not loaded and you run out of power, then it becomes annoying. This thing becomes hugely irritating in the cases when you can’t access the power adapter (like while travelling).

Yes, it is a great solution to have multiple batteries with you when you go out, but it is not possible for everyone to make it happen. Also, there may be cases when the power port of your laptop is damaged, and you can’t use it more for charging your laptop battery through it? What is the solution then? Well, in such scenarios, you need an external battery charger to charge laptop battery manually. Let’s look at the simple hack of charging the battery without the laptop.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Externally?

Method-1: Charge the battery externally

The first step is to check the AC adapter is available in the laptop’s battery or not. If it is there, then there is no need to buy an additional connector or even a battery with such a connection. You can directly connect the laptop charger to the adapter port of your battery to charge it manually.

Method-2: Buy a new battery

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You can buy an extra battery from the laptop manufacturer online or offline. Remember that you buy a battery with an adapter port just like your current battery in the laptop. Match the specification of the cells before you make the purchase. So that when you get the new battery for the laptop, you can charge it externally through the AC adapter port.

Method-3: Get an External battery charger

external bettry charger

You can even buy an external charger for charging the laptop battery manually. You should visit the official website of the manufacturer to find the most suitable battery pack as there are different versions are available depending on the company. If you buy a wrong connector, then you may fail to charge the battery with it. So, double check the specification of the external charger you buy for your laptop battery.

Can you charge the laptop with an external battery pack (power bank)?

Well, for the modern laptops, yes. As the latest laptops come with the USB Type C charging port which is used in the power banks, it is possible to load them with it. But, if you have an old laptop and if it has only the inbuilt power jack, then it may not be possible to charge it with the power bank due to the lack of required specification.

Minimum battery percentage to charge the laptop.

There is no determined percentage of the battery at which you need to plug in the power source to your laptop or its battery. So, at any point, you can put your laptop battery is charging. The most applying reason for this is that the laptop batteries are lithium-based which have zero memory effect, unlike the nickel-based batteries.

But, it is advisable that don’t charge your laptop too often when there is a sufficient amount of battery is available. And don’t use the laptop unless it’s necessary while charging the battery.

Factors that affect the battery life

When you use the battery for the regular use like document editing, web browsing, movie watching, etc., then the temperature may not go beyond 40-degree or 50-degree. So, the battery will stay longer because of the safe and bearable amount of heat.

But, if you have a high-end use of the machine like playing online 4K games or rendering the content for a long time, then the temperature may reach to more than 60 degrees. Such a high amount of heat generation will affect the battery life negatively.

So, if you love to play games, then balance the work on the system for longer battery life.


So, these were the things about the laptop battery charging. It is easy to remove and insert the battery in the laptop. For doing that, turn the back of the laptop, and there you will find a sliding button. Press it sideways, and you can easily take the battery out from the slot. If the battery has an AC adapter port, then you can charge it manually with convenience and peace of mind.

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