What is a Good Monitor Response Time – All you need to know!

Monitor Response Time

It’s a techno-savvy world nowadays. If we list out all the electronic items we use in our daily routine, it might be possible that the list is bigger than the list of our relatives’ names. Not only in the household stuff, but also in the professional life, mostly every activity has been taking over by the technology! Even in the visual media, there are a lot of items like; televisions, computers, cell phones, PSPs, and what not!

Moreover, we never settle for the less! We need the best for ourselves. The memory, speed, storage, processors, and all the features. We need everything ‘fast’; just like our fast life. It also includes the need of fastest internet connection and best monitor display, especially you are a gamer.

In this article, you will get to know about a good monitor response time. We will brief you regarding what is monitor response time and how you can test that! We hope you will find this information useful.

Response Time

Response time is an evaluation. It is a measure of the pixel which displays how quickly it changes from either black or white or between the shades of gray! Lower response times are always considering as the best for an enhanced viewing experience. It also indicates that the picture has better quality.

Currently, standard response time is 1 millisecond for TN panels and 4 milliseconds for IPS panels. A monitor with a high response time can experience ghosting, and then the moving objects may leave some trails on the screen. And if you are a gamer, then response time can make an enormous visual difference as in the games, fast action animations happen.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t get confused between response time and refresh rate. The refresh rate is how many times the panel can redraw the image per second. Response time is a way different.
  • When you have questions like how to test monitor response time or which kind of screens should be bought; the answer is that all the people have different views regarding higher response time if it comes to gaming. Gamers suggest that if your monitor’s response time is below 8 milliseconds, you will not face any ghosting issues.
  • Some competitive gamers have a bit opposite view. They say that they must need around 1 or 2 milliseconds response time when they play high-class games.
  • TN panels and IPS panels both are good options. So whenever you are confused with these two for the basic uses for your house or the office; prefer IPS panels as they have better color accuracy and viewing angles because of more response time.

Difference between Response Time and Refresh Rate

SpecificationsResponse TimeRefresh Rate
Range5 Milliseconds or below75 Hz or above
ScaleLower is betterHigher is better
Ideal1 ms.144 Hz.

So all in all, when you have a question what is a good monitor response time; you can follow these thumb rules. And if you are going to buy new gaming monitors, try to focus on both the refresh rate and the response time. It will give you better gaming experience and competitive advantages.

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