Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It – Check This Guide to Know

Is a 144hz monitor worth it

Till the date, it was a belief that a 60Hz refresh rate is enough and best for the displays, in particular for gamers. Because it is a fact that our eyes can see up to 24 frames per second at max. So, if you ask any expert or search online or in the local market, you will be advised to purchase a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Today, in this post, we will clarify that if you use a 144Hz monitor, then how it will give significant benefits to you, especially while gaming.

Let’s get the answer,

Is a 144Hz monitor worth it or not?

It is a general belief that spending more money on a 144Hz monitor is not worth because 60Hz is enough for an efficient gaming and working experience. But, it is not true for all games. Whether you should get a 60Hz monitor or upgrade at higher refresh rates is really depend on what type of games you will be playing on your PC. Also, higher refresh rates like 165Hz or 200Hz will effect on your gaming and working or not is also a question to be answered here.

We all know that a refresh rate of a monitor is the measure of how many times the screen refreshes per second for updating new information. The CRT tubes used in old monitors were having very high refresh rates because they reduced flickering and provided amazing user comfort. But, the modern technology, i.e. the LCD displays are not working in the same way. So, here the refresh rate plays a big role by refreshing the screens to give smoother moving images. But in very high-level games where more images need to be sent per second, more data is needed to be sent, which means that the system should have faster interconnections with a high-quality of cabling. This is only for images. For faster video transmissions, even faster processors and more storage space are needed to give high frame rate for the content. While you are gaming, you need a high-class graphics card to render the screen faster for providing desired benefits. These are the drawbacks, because if it fails, then the same image will be shown to you over and over again until the new image is displayed. This is a complicated thing to understand because the movies we see are running at 24 frames per second, and we are not having any kind of problem watching them, right? This is possible because the motion blur technology used in them.

Now, you will say our games also use motion blur, right? No, wrong. Because the motion blur looks unnatural in gaming as well as it creates more latency which affects the smoothness of images.

Now, talking about the 144Hz monitor, if you are playing games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then you will see a noticeable difference in the performance and shooting skills with such a high refresh rate (144 times refreshing images on the screen per second). If you are playing games with 120FPS on a 60Hz monitor, then it will only display half of what you should get. While using a 144Hz gaming monitor gives you full benefits. Regarding CS: GO, it does not require very high system settings, and so you will get 144FPS or above easily.

If your 144Hz monitor is made with FreeSync or G-Sync like adaptive gaming technology, then it would be even better. It will give much smoother and better gaming experience. Also, high refresh rates like 165Hz or 200Hz can give enhanced visualized experience in games with higher FPS.


So, is a 144Hz monitor worth it or not? It is a subjective call and depends on your usage and choice. But one thing for sure is, if you go with a 144Hz monitor with a G-Sync or FreeSync technology, then you will not love to go back to a 60Hz monitor. If you get high frame rates and a compatible good-quality graphics card, then a best 144Hz monitor is really worth it for your money. One thing you should always remember that a gaming monitor is not something which is often changed. So, be wise in your choice, check your best match and get the display by keeping your future upgrade plans in mind.

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2 thoughts on “Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It – Check This Guide to Know

  1. Avatar Akshat says:

    Does a 144Hz monitor also reduces gaming tearing?

    1. Tammy Alexander Tammy Alexander says:

      Yes, it does reduce game tearing to a large extent.

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