Are eGPUs worth it – Learn about eGPUs in detail


External GPUs or eGPUs are all over the news right now and for a good reason. We are seeing a huge rise in their popularity because they are handy, powerful, and extremely easy to use. But, the main question here is – are eGPUs worth it? 

You are going to find out the answer by understanding the importance of eGPUs and how they compare with gaming laptops. Let’s begin.

What is an eGPU?

An external GPU is exactly what the name suggests. It is an extra powerhouse that you can connect to your laptop whenever you want to enjoy some high quality gaming. When you are done, you can simply disconnect it and use your laptop as usual. Now, what you should remember here is that you cannot connect an eGPU to any laptop. It is mandatory for the device to have a USB-C connector that you can plug Thunderbolt into. 

eGPU vs gaming laptop

Why should you buy an external GPU when you can just buy a gaming laptop that has an in-built GPU? Here are the reasons:

  • You can easily upgrade your eGPU, but upgrading the GPU on a gaming laptop is not possible. You will need a new laptop.
  • You can play HD games on a regular laptop. You don’t need a dedicated system with high-end specs for it if you have an eGPU.
  • Gaming laptops are really expensive. eGPUs are on the expensive spectrum as well, but when compared, you will find that they are cheaper than the prior.
  • Gaming laptops can be noisy and don’t have a great battery life.


Having said this, you should note that gaming laptops have their advantages as well. For one, they are comparatively portable. You can also carry an eGPU with you but it is bulkier and not really travel-friendly. You can’t carry it around! Also, with a gaming laptop, you will barely, if ever, face a performance issue. These laptops are built for superior performance, and they deliver flawlessly.

Are eGPUs worth it?

Based on the details above, let’s determine if you really need to buy an eGPU. 

We think they are totally worth it because they are flexible and give you the freedom to choose an average laptop. You can perform basic computing tasks on it and carry it easily. Whenever you want to start gaming, you can just plug the eGPU in and get started. It is indeed a versatile option that you can upgrade at any time. We think that’s a winning combination.

However, here we would like to bring to your attention that eGPUs, as they are currently, may not appeal to everyone. There is room for them to get better, and if you can wait, we urge you to. If you are a pro-gamer and are looking for an upgradable GPU option, though, you can absolutely go for it without a second thought.

Questions? Please feel free to drop a comment or get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

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