BenQ GL2760H Review of 2021 – Top Reviewed 27-Inch Monitor

BenQ GL2760H Review

For anyone looking to buy a monitor, there are plenty of options available in the market. Each of the big brands has a line-up of monitors with various sizes, specifications, features. Picking a monitor can hence be a challenging and time-consuming task. 

We are today reviewing a monitor best suited for everyday usage of business and leisure – the BenQ GL2760H. It is a great choice for those looking for an affordable monitor with fast and consistent performance.

BenQ GL2760H Review

The BenQ GL2760H offers a 27-inch screen at an affordable price-point and features that make it a value-for-money product. 

Features of BenQ GL2760H

  • It has a stunning 27-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • The response time of the monitor is 2 ms GTG. This means ultra-fast speed and smoothness without any smear or ghosting.
  • It has Low Blue Light Technology which is designed to filter out harmful blue light. This tremendously diminishes eye fatigue and irritation. There are four preset Low Blue Light modes on the monitor and you can easily switch from one to another using the OSD hotkey.
  • ZeroFlicker Technology eliminates flickering at all levels of brightness and hence reduces eye strain.
  • It has an 8-bit color display and can hence render 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. This ensures truer colors and great image quality.
  • Backlight technology: LED
  • The monitor has a native contrast of 1000:1
  • It has an impressive dynamic contrast ratio of 12 million:1
  • The monitor offers Viewing angles of 170o/160o
  • The brightness of 250 nits. That’s super bright and comfortable for daily work and leisure usage
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 25.2 x 19.2 inch
  • Weight: 12.1 lbs
  • Tilt (down/up): -5o -20o
  • In terms of connectivity, the monitor features a D-sub, DVI, HDMI and headphone jack.
  • The BenQ GL2760H is VESA compatible and hence can be mounted on a wall as well.

Design and Performance

The BenQ GL2760H was built with a minimalistic design and it offers handy performance with the simplistic outlook. Its sleek modern design gives it a premium look.

BenQ GL2760H Review

It offers a decent widescreen experience at an affordable price. The monitor has proven to be an extremely reliable and consistent device. With the high dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1, it provides clear and well defined on-screen images. The color accuracy and temperature are good but could be improved. 

The response rate of 2ms GTG ensures fast-moving actions and dramatic action is smoothly rendered.

It has ZeroFlicker technology and Low Blue Light technology that really make a big difference and this shows in the comfort level of the eyes despite long hours in front of the monitor.

The monitor is great for watching movies and provides a decent gaming experience as well.

The monitor is both Energy Star 7.0 and TCO 7.0 certified.

Let’s have a look at the monitor’s Pros and cons:


  • Extremely fast response time of 2ms
  • Affordable 
  • Low input lag
  • Low eye fatigue and strain
  • Energy Star certified


People also ask

Now, let’s go through a few FAQS about the monitor.

1) Does the BENQ GL2760H work with Windows XP?

Yes, it does.

2) What’s the warranty period on BENQ GL2760H?

3 years.

3) Can the BENQ GL2760H be used as an extra screen with a laptop?

Yes, it can.

4) Is it a full HD monitor?

Yes, the BENQ GL2760H is a full HD monitor.

5) Does the BENQ GL2760H come with an HDMI cable?

No, it does not. You will have to buy it separately.

6) How many HDMI ports does BENQ GL2760H have?

It has 1 HDMI port. It also has a DVI port.

7) What inputs does BENQ GL2760H have?



While there are a few negatives, the BenQ GL2760H offers better features and performance than any other monitor at this price point. It is truly a value-for-money monitor which delivers consistent and reliable day-to-day performance. The fact that it reduces eye-strain and fatigue is a great feature for those working in front of the screen for long hours. Even though there is room for improvement and the color accuracy could be better, the BenQ GL2760H manages to impress with its incredible speed and highly defined images. 

Go ahead and buy this no-nonsense monitor. Let us know in the comments below about your experience with this monitor.

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