Best Desk for Triple Monitor Setup – Setup Your Monitor Easily

Best Desk for Triple Monitor Setup

If you have a triple monitor setup or thinking to make that, then you know that space is the thing. You need a proper desk area to accommodate all your three displays as well as other required accessories like keyboard, mouse, printer, and other useful stuff. Whether you work on your computer at home or office, the desk is an essential part of your productivity. Making a triple monitor setup is easy, but getting the right desk for is not. So, I have researched the forums, Amazon reviews, and lengthy blog posts to filter the most sought tri monitor desks. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Desk for Triple Monitor Setup

1. Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno Triple Monitor Desks

Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno 3-Piece Tri Monitor Corner DeskThis L-shaped desk from Walker Edison helps you to closely group your three monitors without dealing with the sharp angle between the sides. With plenty of room on the desktop, you will get a lot of leg room for a comfortable working for a long duration.

Features of Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno Desk for Multi-Monitor Setup are:

  • It is made with tempered glass and metal instead of wood which makes it look beautiful as well sturdy in use.
  • The polishes surface with a powder-coated steel frame gives a durable operation.
  • It has a space-saving L-shape design which also allows you to separate it into two desks for convenience in the small area.
  • The included sliding keyboard tray is flexible which means you can mount it on either side of the desk as per your need.
  • It also has a universal CPU stand to accommodate any CPU case.
  • You will also get a step by step instruction guide to assembling this desk at your own.
  • The dimensions of 51” by 20” by 29” (WDH) and the weight of 57 pounds are good enough to store all the computing accessories along with multiple monitors.

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2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Triple Monitor Desks

Arozzi Arena Gaming DeskThis all-new gaming desk from Arozzi is getting the attention of the gamers worldwide who are using dual or triple monitor setups. With a completely renovated design developed by the Swedish expert team, this desk will provide a superior comfort whether you play or work on your PC screens.

Features of Arena Gaming Desk from Arozzi are:

  • There are five colors available for this desk to choose your favorite from the red, blue, black, green, and white.
  • It has a standard type surface width of 5’ 3” & depth of 2’ 8 1/4” to allow you to accommodate three large screens along with the accessories.
  • Its 14 square feet mousepad surface is washable and water-resistant to help you play with full intensity in the games.
  • The three-section division of the desktop and frames help for convenient transportation and assembly.
  • You can loosen the screws to adjust the height of the stand according to your needs which is unique for a computer desk.
  • The desk and mouse pad surfaces have three cutout sections to hide the wires of your keyboard, mouse, and display for perfect & clean cable management.

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3. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer DeskAlso known as the monster of desks, this L-shaped corner desk from Bush Furniture weights over 200 pounds and width of more than 60 inches. It is not only meant for gaming, but also this computer table is perfect for multipurpose use. If you want ample storage along with keeping your dual or triple monitors together, then you should get this product.

Features of L Shaped Desk for Triple Monitor Setup from Bush Furniture are:

  • This table has integrated USB hub with four ports which allows connecting your multiple devices.
  • It also contains two cupboards, two drawers, and eight shelves to store different useful items.
  • The chrome finished hardware along with the fluted glass doors gives an attractive look to the desk.
  • The Espresso Oak finish on the surface makes it resistive against stains and scratches for a strong working condition. You can also choose from the other two variants of Harvest Cherry and Heather Gray.
  • It also has L shaped desk holds and a soft corner tray for keeping your phone and other electronics at your hand rich.
  • It meets with the ANSI/BIFMA safety and performance standards for the assurance of quality.

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4. Sauder 412320 August Hill L-Shaped Desk

Sauder 412320 August Hill L-Shaped DeskAfter founded in the United States in 1934, the Sauder company has soon become one of the top furniture manufacturers in the North side. Among the vast catalog of various household and office items, the computer desks are what we will talk for. The August Hill L-shaped desk is one of the most popular office desks available at lower price tags.

Features of Sauder L-Shaped Tri-Monitor Desk are:

  • It has the dimensions of 59.06-inch by 58.74-inch by 29.25-inch (L x W x H) with a weight of over 127 pounds.
  • The included file drawer can hold letter size hanging files, with its fully extensible slides.
  • This desk has the grommet holes and pass-through to help you make the clean and perfect cord management.
  • Its lower storage rack will provide you with some extra storage to keep useful files, documents, etc.
  • The dark slate finish on the large table top gives a fabulous look to the desk and will boost your confidence for finishing your job on the multi-monitor.

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5. Techni Mobili Black Glass Corner Triple Monitor Setup

Techni Mobili Black Glass Corner Computer Desk for Triple Monitor SetupFrom Techni Mobili, you will get this modern computer workstation desk that will provide ample space for work on your multiple monitors as well as keeping your important files and documents at your hand rich. It comes as easy to assemble to allow you to set it up on your own without any professional help. Let’s have a look at the top features of this fantastic triple monitor desk.

Offerings of Black Glass Desktop Desk are:

  • It contains interchangeable left, and right 8mm tempered black glass tops.
  • The powder coated steel frame coating is scratch resistant and has a curved shape for convenient and durable use.
  • The pullout type keyboard tray under the table top has a safety stop to keep your electronics safe from any accidental damage.
  • Each rectangular panel has a weight capacity of 110 lbs. The middle corner panel can handle 66 pounds of weight.
  • You will get a five-year warranty from the company to have a hassle-free purchase of the product.

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6. Bush Business Furniture Series C Standard Type  Desk

Bush Business Furniture Series C Standard Type Office DeskFrom over 50 years, Bush Business Furniture provides high-quality furniture products to its worldwide customers. And this series C office computer desk is also one of their front line designs which have premium type surface, integrated cable management, and many other offerings to join the list of the best 3-monitor computer desks.

Features of Series C Triple Monitor Desk by Bush Business Furniture are:

  • This series C straight desk provides a large surface with 72” W x 30” D dimensions to keep your multiple screens.
  • You can also customize the desk to form U or L shape through return or bridge on the left or right side of it.
  • You can choose from the options of a standalone desk and the entire works pace with drawers, keyboard tray, pedestals, etc. depending on your requirements.
  • The inbuilt wire management system and leg grommets will help you to keep the cables perfectly without creating any mess.
  • There are six colors available for this computer desk to help you pick up your favorite one.
  • The company will provide ten years of warranty on the product.

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7. Amazon Basics Three Piece Glass Computer Desk

AmazonBasics Three Piece Glass Computer DeskThe three-piece modular desk from Amazon Basics is a recommended table for the users who work on triple monitor setup. Its simple, sturdy, and compact design gives a modern solution for the home or office professional needs.

Features of Amazon Basics Triple Monitor Desk are:

  • It has the polished and beveled tempered safety glass offers a smooth surface with a durable operation.
  • The black powder coat finish on the steel frame gives strength and durability to the overall structure.
  • You can separate this desk in two sections for a more comfortable use if you want.
  • With the step-by-step instruction guide included in the box, you can easily set up the table on your own.
  • It has the dimension of 55” by 20” by 29” (WDH) in an L-shape design which is enough to keep your multiple monitors as well as other electronics stuff.
  • A sliding keyboard tray and separate CPU stand will provide more options to keep your useful items at a convenient place.
  • Amazon Basics provide a one-year warranty on this product to help the customers having a hassle free purchase.

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8. Best Massage Corner L-shape Computer Workstation Desk

BestMassage Corner L-shape Computer Workstation DeskThis contemporary designed computer table from Best Massage has a sturdy construction and an elegant look. Its L-shape design has a corner wedge which means you will get more space than the traditional L-shaped monitor desks.

Features of BestMassage Corner Multi Monitor Desk are:

  • You will get more comfortable leg space due to its humanized foot design.
  • The tabletop has a 7mm tempered glass coating which is sturdy and scratch resistant.
  • It is very convenient to clean. You can use a single wipe to remove all the mess on it.
  • It has an attached CPU stand and a slide-out keyboard tray to help you have a convenient operation.
  • The bevel edge angle structure allows you to deal with your wires without making a mess of them.
  • It has overall dimensions of 51-inch by 51-inch by 30-inch (L x D x H) which is a quite large amount of work area.
  • You can set your dual monitors and triple monitors on this table and also can use it for your study, reading, and other uses in your office, home, study room, living room, bedroom, etc.

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How to get the best computer desk for a triple monitor setup?

There are some significant factors that you need to consider before buying a computer desk. Let’s have a brief look at them.

  • Size

Size of triple monitor desk

The desk should be big enough to allow you to enjoy your three monitor setup at maximum. The length is not only that matters, but you also need to check the depth and width of the table while measuring the size. The workspace area should be well enough to store your multiple monitors as well as the useful accessories like keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, documents, etc.

For example, if you have the monitors with average screen sizes of 22” to 24”, then you need to look for the desk with a minimum width of 50 inches and depth of 30 inches. If you have widescreen monitors with screens of 27” and 32” or more, then you should go for the larger desk sizes.

Do not worry if you don’t have enough room space to accommodate such sizeable computer desk. You can use the computer monitor stand to mount your triple monitors on it to save the tablespace.

  • Shape

Shape of monitor desk

There are mainly two types of computer desks available. One is the standard (straight) design and the other is the L-shape or corner desk design. When you are going to choose the perfect gaming desk for dual monitors or triple monitors, you need to identify your needs first. Whether you are using a mounting stand for the multiple monitors or putting them side by side on the table, you need to consider such uses and according to that, look for the right shape of the desk.

  • Storage

storage of monitor desk

Many desks come with multiple drawers, cabinets, and other mounting options to keep your documents, files, mobiles, and other accessories at your hand rich. But, it is not necessary to get a large desk for keeping your multiple monitors. Identify how much stuff you will be using on your desk and how much area you will want for it. It is the waste of money on going for a huge computer table with many drawers & cabinets, and you will be using only a keyboard, mouse, printer, and a couple of files.

  • Price

price of monitor desk

When this is not necessary, then it is the recommended factor to consider while buying a product. Yes, the larger desk comes with a bigger price tag compared to the standard sized computer tables. But, it does not mean that you need always to pay more if you buy a beautiful computer gaming desk.

At last, the decision is yours. It all depends on your preferences that how you will organize the accessories on the table, how much room you want to move your legs around, how many drawers or cabinets you want to keep your files and other electronics stuff, how big your monitor sizes are, and how much budget you have to spend on a computer table. And according to all these aspects, you will find the best desk for multi-monitor setup in this list matching with every specific need.

People also ask

Did you know that many users like you are asking a variety of questions on this topic? In this section, we will attempt to answer as many as we can so that you glean more important information. 

1) How big of a desk do I need for 3 monitors?

It is needless to say that a standard desk or even an executive desk will not be enough. You will need at least a 50 x 30-inch desk if you have 3 22-inch monitors. In other words, whatever the size of your monitors (combined) is, the desk should be larger so that you have some space and the setup is not crammed.

2) How do I connect 3 monitors to a small desk?

If you do not have room for a large desk that can accommodate 3 monitors, you can choose an alternative – mounting one of them. Some monitors have a vertical rod that you can use to increase the height. Otherwise, you can wall-mount one and place the rest on the desk.

3) Is a triple monitor setup worth it?

It really depends on why you need a triple monitor setup. If your work requires multitasking or if you are a pro gamer who needs a realistic experience, a triple monitor setup will be perfect for you. 

4) Why is my 3rd monitor not detected?

This is a common problem. It usually occurs because of compatibility problems. 

5) How do I get Windows 10 to recognize my third monitor?

Head over to the Settings and choose System. Here, you will find the Display option on the left. If a monitor is not connected, you will see it here. Click on it and choose Extend desktop to display. This should fix the problem.

6) Can my laptop support 3 monitors?

Most laptops support 2 monitors without problems but to extend it to 3, you may need an additional Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort.  


Whether you are a professional, a passionate gamer, or just a regular PC user who works on the screen throughout the day or night, if you need to use multiple applications at the same time for improving your productivity, then there is no competition to a triple monitor setup. It will not only boost your working rate but also allows you to have a lot of fun.

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