Best laptop for dental school – Top rated medical school laptops (2021)


These days education and technology go hand in hand. No matter which stream or majors you choose, you need a solid laptop to help you learn. The same holds true for dental school as well. 

Having a good laptop will make many things easy for you but we understand how daunting it can be to pick from the crowd. This is why we are here to help with a comprehensive guide and the best laptops for dental schools based on certain parameters.

Choosing a medical school laptop

We would suggest that you begin by assessing your requirements. In dental school, you will predominantly use your laptop to make presentations, have PDFs, and video lectures. You won’t have graphical or technical needs. This means that space or storage is your biggest criterion. 

Other features such as touch screen, portability, stylus compatibility, and battery life are personal choices. Depending on what else you plan to do with your laptop, you can choose these features. Of course, the budget plays a role as well. But since you won’t need any of the over-the-top stuff, even a mid-range budget will suffice.

Best laptops for dental school

Below are our favorites, explained with their features to help you compare and choose.

1. Apple MacBook Air – 13.3 inches

Apple MacBook Air

Apple is known worldwide for its stellar products, which woo the users to no end. They are slightly on the more expensive end of the money spectrum but almost all users say that they are worth it. The super portable MacBook Air makes a fine choice for dental school for the following reasons:

  • You can choose from the 256 GB and 512 GB models based on how much space you need.
  • It has an incredible retina display with True Tone Technology
  • The stereo speakers promise surround (wide) sound.
  • The Intel Iris Plus Graphics and Intel Core i5 processor together provide superior experience.
  • It has a backlit keyboard that’s very smooth and easy to use.
  • The touch ID is a brilliant add-on with great functionality.
  • You can enjoy up to 2 TB of SSD storage.
  • You can expect a battery life of around 13 hours.

The pros

  • Incredible battery life
  • Superior display

The cons

  • Only USB-C connectivity


2. Microsoft Surface Pro 7


This is easily the most popular choice among experts because it comes with premium features and a lot to appreciate. Let’s take a closer look:

  • It has a 12.3-inch display with QHD resolution.
  • It comes with the Windows 10 operating system.
  • It is an extremely versatile laptop that enables you to write, play, draw, touch, and type seamlessly.
  • The laptop offers multiple connectivity options including USB-C and USB-A, enabling you to connect multiple displays and charging docks.
  • This is an ultra-slim and sleek laptop that weighs only 1.70 pounds.
  • Its battery life is quite good at 10.5 hours but the cherry on top is that it charges incredibly quickly. Within an hour, you can charge it to 80%.
  • It is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core processor.
  • It has a 1 TB SSD.

The pros

  • Good connectivity
  • Versatile
  • Great design

The cons

  • Expensive


3. LG Gram Laptop for dental school


If high-class battery life is on the top of your list, the LG Gram is your best choice. It offers 18.5 hours of uninterrupted usage on a single charge. Here are a few more details:

  • The LG Gram is a large laptop at 15.6 inches. It has a full HD resolution with IPS, touch display.
  • It comes with Windows 10.
  • The laptop has a backlit keyboard along with a touch ID.
  • Its SSD is 256 GB and the RAM is about 16 GB. It has DDR4 memory.
  • Connectivity options are limited to USB-C.
  • It is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor.

The pros

  • Great battery life

The cons

  • Not versatile


4. ASUS Chromebook


ASUS is never going to stay behind in a laptop race! The brand has taken incredible leaps to be where it is today through high-quality products. The Chromebook is no exception. Here’s why you should buy it:

  • It is a full HD laptop measuring 14 inches.
  • The 2-in-1 laptop can do a complete 360-degree flip, which is why it is often called the “flip Chromebook.”
  • It has an 8 GB RAM.
  • Its battery life is incredible, giving at least 10 hours with continuous usage.
  • It has an 8 GB RAM (DDR3).
  • It runs on the Chrome operating system (different from Windows and Mac).
  • The laptop has a few great features such as automatic updates, built-in virus protection, and ultra-fast boot.
  • It is powered by the Intel Core m3 processor.
  • Connectivity options include USB-A and USB-C.

The pros

  • Affordable
  • Good performance

The cons

  • A different operating system, which means you may need time to adjust


5. HP Chromebook for dental school


The HP Chromebook is powered by the 8th Gen Intel i5 processor and has a backlit keyboard. It also has a wide variety of attractive features such as the following:

  • It provides a battery life of 13 hours with mixed usage. If you use it lightly, it can work longer on a single charge.
  • It has a 64 GB hard drive and a 4 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • The HP Chromebook is designed for entertainment and productivity.
  • It is a large laptop at 15.6 inches with a full HD IPS display.
  • It works on the Chrome OS.
  • It has stereo speakers.
  • It makes video chat easy with its HP TrueVision camera that does an incredible job even in low light.

The pros

  • Good battery life
  • Affordable

The cons

  • Works on the Chrome OS


Choosing based on certain parameters

Let’s make choosing easier for you with direct and precise answers:

  • If you want incredible battery life: LG Gram 
  • If you are looking for portability: Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air
  • If budget is a concern: ASUS Chromebook 
  • If you want better connectivity: Microsoft Surface Pro and ASUS Chromebook 
  • For overall excellent performance: MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface Pro

We hope you now understand that the best laptop for dental school depends on your parameters and expectations. While this list will help you shortlist from the available options, the ultimate choice is yours. Make sure you do your research, pen down your checklist, and then make your purchase.

If you need any more information or would like to provide feedback, please leave a comment. Our experts will get back to you immediately.

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