1ms vs 4ms response time – which one is better for gaming?

1ms vs 4ms response time

There are a lot of parameters that make up a gaming machine. One of the most important ones is the response time. Whenever you check the specifications of a gaming computer or laptop, you will see the response time as well. It is actually a major choosing factor for many. Why, though? To answer that, we need to get to the basics.

What is response time?

Response time is the time a system takes to change a pixel from black to white. Some market grey-grey response time as well but that doesn’t hold any importance. True response time is always the time taken to switch from black to white.

Response time mainly affects 2 aspects of gaming. They are – ghosting and motion blur. If the response time is high, you will notice motion blur in fast games. A picture might appear blur because the change from black to white did not happen fast enough. Ghosting also happens when the change doesn’t happen immediately. That’s why you will end up seeing a shadow or a silhouette around the moving object. 

These issues can really put a damper on the gaming experience, which is why lower response time is preferred.

1ms vs 4ms response time

When it comes to response time, the lower the better. This means that 1ms is the better choice. 1ms is the best at the moment and all high-end gaming computers offer this feature. 

response time

However, does it mean that 4ms is really bad? Well, no. It totally depends on the type of games you play. There are many games that do not require 1ms response time. If you play those, you don’t need to worry so much. But, if you are a serious gamer who engages in very fast-paced games, 4ms may not suit you.

But, wait. We are not done yet. There’s more to this answer!

Did you know that your panel actually decides how low the response time can go? Yes! Twisted Nematic (TN) panels are the only ones that offer 1ms response time. The more common panels, IPS, offer 4ms. So, if you are sure about the panel you want, you can’t do much about the response time. 

1ms vs 4ms response time – Verdict

Even though 1ms is the best choice, it doesn’t automatically mean that TN panels are the best. IPS panels have much better colors and viewing angles. We advise that you look at more than just response time, thus, and consider all important parameters including budget. That’s the only way to zero in on the right gaming monitor.

We are sure you have all the answers now. If you are still doubtful, please feel free to leave a comment.

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