Best Passive CPU Cooler: Top Coolers Help you to Build a Silent PC

Best Passive CPU Cooler

How often do you notice the voice from the CPU in your system? Do you know where it comes from? Well, you guessed it right. The sound comes from the CPU fan in most of the cases.

As it does not harm the functioning of the system, it can surely disturb you while you work in a silent environment, especially at nights.  Also, it can distract you when you are at the intense level in the gaming. For such instances, you need a passive CPU cooler. It will help you to have a silent operation from your PC without any disturbance. Yes, there are CPU heatsinks available which can cool down your processor at the maximum level, using a fanless CPU cooler can surely add more value to that.

Why do you need a passive CPU cooler?

Almost, all the PCs come with an inbuilt cooling system like CPU fans, heatsinks, etc. Many modern computers also have water cooling feature to prevent overheating issues at the time of overclocking. But, for getting high-quality cooling specifications, you have to pay a hefty amount of money. It is not possible for every user. So, the external cooling component is a good option. if you invest in a passive CPU cooler, then it will lower the temperature, reduces the noise of the machine, and also helps to increase the speed of the CPU.  All you will get only for a few bucks.

So, why wait? Let’s have a look at the top-rated cooling products available today.

Best Passive CPU Cooler

1. ARCTIC Alpine AM4 Passive – Silent CPU Cooler

ARCTIC Alpine AM4 Passive – Silent CPU Cooler

The Alpine AM4 from the Arctic is a low profile fanless CPU cooler. Though it is specifically built for the AMD AM4 sockets with up to 47W TDP, you can use it on the other CPU systems too for a passive performance. You will get an affordable solution for getting a completely fanless and soundless computer system.

Specs and features of Arctic Alpine AM4 CPU Cooler are:

  • It has a black anodizing for getting the maximum heat dissipation.
  • This cooler is easy to install and compatible with most of the CPU sockets.
  • The pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste help to cool down the processor at max with a guaranteed clean installation.
  • It does not have fans, means there will be no dust accumulation and zero cost for maintenance.

It is available in six different designs to choose your suitable option.

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2. ARCTIC Alpine 11 Passive Cooler for All Intel CPU

ARCTIC Alpine 11 Passive Cooler for All Intel CPU

A simpler design, but outstanding performance is what you will get in the Arctic Alpine 11 silent cooler. Doesn’t matter which Intel CPU socket you have, you can get this additional cooling option for it. If you are looking for the best option for the silent working or gaming on the Intel systems, then I recommend you to get Alpine 11.

Features and specs of Arctic Alpine 11 Passive Intel CPU Cooler are:

  • It provides enough power to keep the system at a maximum of 47W.
  • It will offer an affordable option for designing a quiet computer system.
  • The MX-2 thermal compound is pre-installed on the cooler for the highest heat dissipation.
  • Dust and maintenance free performance make it favorite among the PC users.
  • There are seven different sizes available so you can choose the perfect cooler according to your CPU dimensions.
  • Apart from all the Intel systems, it is compatible with other processing units too.

You will get an industry-leading six years of warranty from the company.

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3. SilverStone Tek Heligon HE02 CPU Cooler for Intel and AMD Sockets

SilverStone Tek Heligon HE02 CPU Cooler for Intel and AMD Sockets

The SilverStone Technology introduces the HE02 silent PC cooler for all the AMD and Intel systems. If you want a quite and superior performance on your computer, then you should get this HE02 cooling component from SilverStone.

Specs and features of SilverStone Technologies HE02 Passive Cooler are:

  • It has an asymmetric design which makes it compatible with any platform.
  • You can use it for the CPU with the power of more than 150W (for fanless, 95W)
  • If you have the chassis with the height of 160mm, then this cooler will be a perfect fit for it.
  • It has heat pipes (6mm thick) with the aluminum fins on a copper base to provide maximum heat dissipation.
  • It works perfectly with the Intel sockets like LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011, etc. and AMD sockets like FM1, FM2, AM2, AM3, etc.

Though it does not need cooling fans for the temperature reduction, it has fan clips to mount a CPU cooling fan for an extra output.

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4. CR-80EH NoFan IcePipe Fanless CPU Cooler

CR-80EH NoFan IcePipe Fanless CPU Cooler

With the unique design like a bucket, the CR-80EH is my favorite fanless cooler. And with no surprise, I am currently using it in my system. The idea behind its distinct design is to cover the larger area for the maximum heat dissipation from the surroundings. Just take care of the dimensions if you have a mini-ITX or micro-ATX motherboard, as it can disturb the memory or graphics slots if not installed properly.

Features and specs of CR-80EH NoFan IcePipe Passive CPU Cooler are:

  • It has a bucket like design which is made of copper and contains a number of thin heat pipes (ICE pipes).
  • It is compatible with almost all types of CPU sockets which makes it flexible to adopt.
  • The pre-applied thermal paste will ensure to have the maximum heat transfer from the system to cool down the processor quickly.
  • The included mounting kit will make the process of installation easy and quick.
  • It is affordable and will deliver silent cooling facility on your system.

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5. SilverStone Technology 1U Passive CPU Cooler


The SilverStone Technology Passive CPU Cooler is one of the most reliable options in our experience. Available in different colors and with a safe copper base, this cooler will definitely take the heat away and ensure that you operate your computer without overheating issues. 

The specs and features of SilverStone Technology Passive CPU Cooler are:

  • It has a 26mm height.
  • It has a copper base and a copper skived-fin.
  • It is compatible with Intel LGA2011/2066.
  • If you have 1U Rackmount Servers, this is your best choice.
  • It reduces noise and lowers the temperature of the CPU very efficiently.
  • For those who have space constraints, it doesn’t get better than this!
  • The fan itself is not very loud.

Fairly priced and compact, this is a decent passive CPU cooler to try out. You have different color options, in case you want something that matches the rest of your setup.

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6. PartsCollection Cooler Master Passive HeatSink- Silent CPU Cooler

PartsCollection Cooler Master Passive HeatSink- Silent CPU Cooler

If you want a top-quality passive CPU heatsink cooler, then give a try to the PartsCollection cooler master component. You can use it for all kinds of CPU sockets which makes it adaptable on different platforms.

Features and specifications of PartsCollection Passive CPU HeatSink:

  • It is compatible with the Intel and AMD socket types like socket 370, socket 7, socket A, socket 462, socket 586, etc.
  • The design with skived fins delivers the silent cooling performance.
  • If you are looking to make a fanless system setup, then go nowhere than this passive CPU heatsink for optimal cooling performance.
  • The smaller dimensions allow it to fit perfectly in any Chassis.

Made in the USA, so no compromise with the quality of the component.

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7. Dynatron K618 2U Passive CPU Cooler

Dynatron K618

Last but not the least, the K618 2U silent cooler from Dynatron will provide optimal cooling performance. Its low profile will allow you to use it on any socket type.

Specs and features of Dynatron K6182U Passive CPU Cooler are:

  • It is an ideal choice for the users who are looking for a silent cooling option for their computers.
  • The aluminum heat sink will provide a maximum rate of heat transfer.
  • It supports to the CPU sockets with the power of up to 95W.
  • The screen-on thermal compound increases the cooling effect in the system.

It fulfills the M/B requirement thanks to the DY-PBK-P5G back plate.

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Benefits of having a passive CPU cooler

  1. It will provide you with silent operation
  2. No vibrations will occur
  3. You do not have to deal with the maintenance costs
  4. Almost zero power consumption
  5. No fan, so no dust collection
  6. And you know more…

Comparison of the top 3 silent CPU coolers

FactorArctic Alpine AM4Arctic Alpine 11SilverStone HE02
Socket TypeAMDIntelAMD and Intel
Dimensions (inch)3.9 x 3.9 x 2.763.7 x 3.7 x 2.79 x 8 x 6
Weight (pound)


All the products mentioned here will surely help you to build a silent PC. Just make sure you purchase a suitable passive CPU cooler according to the socket type and size. As they are the external components that you will attach to the system, you should know that they will take some space on your board. If you choose a big-sized silent cooler, then it may disturb the RAM and graphics card slots. But, if you can handle this little worry, then you will surely get the excellent cooling output and that too without any sound of the CPU fan.

Let me know which passive CPU cooler will you choose for your PC? Is there any other product that you know can be added to this list, then you can also share it here.

Bonus tip: Use a top-quality thermal paste for these fanless CPU coolers to get the best cooling output through a maximum heat transfer.

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