Curved Monitor vs Flat for Gaming – Useful Guide for The Pro Gamers

Curved monitor vs flat for gaming

Gaming may be a lot of fun, but gamers are quite serious especially when it comes to buying the right equipment and the perfect accessories. Gaming is nothing short of a deep passion around which revolves many a gamer’s life.

Whether you started off recently or are already a progamer, you know how important the monitor is. The quality needs to be gaming-level, and its settings and features must help improve the gaming experience. All this comes later, though. The most important thing is to pick the right type of monitor, and the battle is between curved monitors and flat monitors.

Curved monitors are the rage right now, to be honest. And, they may even be more expensive. So, gamers are left to ask whether the curved monitor is actually worth it. Let’s see:

Curved vs Flat monitor

The Differences

  1. A curved monitor makes the experience more realistic, which is why we see everyone going gaga over it. While playing we want to feel like we are in the game, and good curved monitors enable that to a large extent.
  2. Curved monitors are known to have a wider aspect ratio than flat monitors. This helps with peripheral vision. So, the viewing experience is also great. While flat monitors are quite good too, they lose in comparison.
  3. Flat monitors are easily affordable. They won’t make you feel bad about spending money, and they are quite reliable. Curved monitors, on the other hand, have known to make people whine because of the cost. After all, ultra-wide aspect ratio, realistic experience, etc. come at a price!
  4. Curved monitors have higher resolution but did you know that this won’t matter if your graphics card is not as good? In this case, you should just go with flat monitors and save yourself a few dollars. If you have a high-level graphics card, though, you can definitely think about splurging because a flat monitor is not going to do justice at all.

The Verdict

This is quite simple, really. If you have the money and a powerful graphics card, you simply cannot and should not ignore curved monitors. The models are plentiful, and you can pick whatever suits your comfort and needs.

If you are strapped and do not have a high-range graphics card, you don’t need a curved monitor. Flat versions will work just fine for you.


It is not just about the type of monitor you have. It is about your PC as a whole and your pocket!

What are your thoughts? Where do your preferences lie? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment.

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