How to Ship a Computer Monitor? – Check all the Possible Ways Here

Moving to a different geographical location often causes us to feel multiple things. We are nervous, excited, and worried, all at the same time. But, mostly, moving is all about new beginnings!

But, While changing our home or whenever the need to ship something comes in, fear levels go up. What if our precious belongings get damaged during the shipping? That worry reaches the highest levels when we think about breakable items such as our computer monitor. How do we ship it without giving ourselves a mini heart attack? Is it at all possible to ship computer monitors in the first place? Of course, it is. But, a lot of care and attention is involved.

This is why we decided to write this article for you. It is a complete guide to pack and ship a computer monitor without risking it. Let’s get started then.

How to Ship a Computer Monitor?

No matter how much care you take while shipping if you don’t pack your monitor, there will be no hope of safety. That is why we are going to walk you through the packing steps first:

  1. Measure your monitor and buy a cardboard box that will comfortably fit it. Buy bubble wrap and foam as well because your monitor will need a cushion to absorb impact.
  2. Take all the cables of the monitor and wrap them individually. They are delicate too. If you have the original packing box and material that they came in, put them back in it. Original material is usually quite reliable.
  3. Now wrap the monitor in the bubble wrap and place it in the box. After that, secure it with foam and add more bubble wrap. The trick is to ensure that the monitor doesn’t move easily in the box.
  4. After this, use brown tape to seal the box securely and paste the shipping label on it. Use more tape at the bottom and on the top.

How to Ship a Computer Monitor

Shipping a computer monitor can be an expensive affair, but you cannot afford to choose a cheap shipping service. The damages will be more expensive than the shipping price. We highly recommend the postal service because they are professional, careful, and deliver on Saturdays as well. This means they are usually faster than other services.

If you choose other options such as FedEx and UPS, though, you should ensure that your monitor is insured. Most couriers do not offer insurance by default for computer monitors. So, you have to be careful and make the right decision. There are other couriers as well, but you should pick your favourite based on the reviews and reputation. Being careless can cost you dearly, which we are sure, you do not want.

Do your homework, research well, and get insured!

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