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TN Vs. IPS which is better for gaming

If you are a serious gamer or want some amazing experience in gaming, then you would be surely looking for a good quality monitor for it. The first thing you may consider when buying the best USB monitor for gaming is its price.

The other things you should take into considerations are the panel size, panel resolution, pixel response and rate, and panel technology. Panel technology is an essential thing among all these. From the several panel types, the TN (Twisted Nematic) and IPS (In-Panel Switching) are the most popular display technologies. Both are having some interesting and exciting features and sometimes a user becomes confused to choose the best from them. After hours of research, I have created this post to portray the difference between them which will help you to choose the better Panel Technology for your gaming monitor.

Twisted Nematic (TN) Panel Technology

TN is the most common panel technology and also the most popular among the users, as it offers faster response and refreshes rates at affordable prices. It is also the oldest technology which is used in the gaming monitors. TN monitors provide high brightness and draw less power by making the combination with LED back-lighting.

Twisted Nematic (TN) Panel Technology

Advantages of TN monitors

  • They have the shortest response time, which makes them good for gaming
  • They produce high brightness with low power consumption
  • They are cheaper than other monitor types
  • They come with the faster-switching pixels, which gives lag-free gaming experience
  • TN monitors are generally made for gaming

Disadvantages of TN monitors

  • A wider viewing angle, the color shift occurs
  • They have crystal fixed at one end and then twisted or bent than rotated
  • The color is generally limited to 18 bits, so they cannot produce “true color” accurately

In-Panel Switching (IPS) Panel Technology

In-Panel Switching is a type of thin-film transistor LCD panel. IPS gaming monitors offer you wider viewing angles with better color accuracy. Fundamentally, IPS monitors are not different than liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. The basic principles of LCD technology applied on IPS monitors too. To allow or block the light, they are having a grid of liquid crystal pixels. These pixels sit in the front of a backlight and act as shutters. Because of including the inherent pros and cons of an LCD technology, the IPS panel monitors have the same functionalities like frame-syncing technology or an LED backlight.

In-Panel Switching (IPS) Panel Technology

Advantages of IPS monitors

  • They provide better color reproductions and viewing angles
  • They help to improve the visual experience of gaming
  • If you want to do photo/video editing alongside, then IPS monitors are recommended
  • They provide strong gray-scale performance
  • The G-Sync and FreeSync technologies make them most responsive

Disadvantages of IPS monitors

  • They are more expensive
  • They have lower response times
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to emphasize black, which results in problem with contrast

TN Vs IPS Panel Comparison

FeatureTN PanelIPS Panel
Color ReproductionNoYes
Response TimeYesNo
Viewing AngelsNoYes

TN Vs IPS – Which is better for Gaming?

Well, it really depends on you. If you prefer image quality than responsiveness, then go for IPS monitors. If you want to deal with responsiveness by compromising with the image, then you can have TN monitors. There is no any LCD at the present time, which has all the good things featured. Generally, because of the faster response time, the TN monitors are more favorite among the gamers than IPS monitors.

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