3D Glasses for Benq W1070 – Top Recommended Glasses for You

3D Glasses for Benq W1070

These days 3D technology has been very popular due to its easy commercial availability. If we observe the previous five years, the 3D technology was limited to theatres and cinemas. But now we can set up our own customized mini 3D theatre at our home. We get a variety of options available for 3D projectors and 3D glasses, which are compatible with different 3D projectors in the market. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the best 3D glasses for the BenQ W1070 projector. Read this article till the end to know the best suitable glasses for you. So, before wasting any further time, let’s get started.

3D Glasses for Benq W1070

1. BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses Compatible with BenQ


The BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses comes with the ergonomics design. This design helps to make this glass suitable for wearing for a long time. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. By simply clicking on the power-off button, you can also use it as a standard glasses. It is compatible with BenQ, Optoma, Dell, Acer, Viewsonic DLP Projector, etc.


  • It uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) sync method for quickly connecting with your BenQ W1070 projector.
  • You can easily experience 150° of viewing angle, 75° on left and right from the center.
  • It comes with the latest Active Shutter Technology, which delivers an excellent 3D viewing experience.
  • It has a superfast refresh rate of 144 Hz, which provides fluent and accurate 3D videos.
  • It has an 80mAH battery, which can last you up to 45 hours on continuous use and 180 days on standby.


  • It is not recommended to use this glass with a 3D Television or 3D monitors.


2. RetroDepth LT Lightweight Rechargeable DLP Link 3D Glasses


The RetroDepth LT are shutter glasses. This pair of glasses comes with retro design, which makes it attractive for adult people. It is built to provide a high-quality, low-cost solution for viewing 3D images, games, and movies on your projector. The kit contains a pack of two glasses. They are compatible with all DLP 3D Projectors (Benq, Optoma, Acer, Vivitek, Dell, etc.)


  • This glass is compatible with all 3D projectors available in the market, including the BenQ W1070  projector.
  • It is incredibly lightweight, which does not makes you feel its presence in the long run.
  • These glasses operate at different frequencies 96 Hz, 120 Hz, and 144 Hz according to the content being watched on them.
  • After a full charge, you can go except 40 hours of usage with this 3D glass.
  • These glasses are perfect for enjoying 3D movies and games at your home.


  • You might face some issues with the viewing angles beyond a distance of 9 meters away from the screen.


3. PERGEAR Active Glasses for Optoma/BenQ/Acer/LG Projector


These 3D glasses are from Pergear. They come in a pack of four and are perfect for your family. They are lightweight and easy to wear. It also provides a cool look at your personality. It uses a reactive liquid crystal that provides brighter and fresher pictures at 144 Hz.


  • It provides a high transmission rate and ensures perfect quality, no ghosting, and flickering visuals.
  • It uses high-speed LCD lenses, which give response time in milliseconds.
  • It uses the eye-protection layer over glasses, which protects your eyes from liable eye strain.
  • You will not face any visual issues up to 10 to 11 meters away from the screen.
  • It also has a low-energy alarm function and smart synchronization of frequencies.


  • This 3D glass is not suitable for regular projectors, computer monitors, and TV monitors.


4. DLP LINK 144 Hz Ultra-Clear HD 2 PACK 3D Glasses


This 3D Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses for All 3D DLP Projectors – BenQ, Optoma, Dell, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Acer, Vivitek, NEC, Sharp, ViewSonic & Endless Others! The DLP LINK provides super-soft black rubberized high-quality 3D glasses. The hinges of these glasses are made up of steel. The frame of the glasses is durable, which ensures a soft, comfortable fit. It is available in pairs and includes a carrying bag, USB charging cable, and a microfiber cleaning cloth for each glass with this kit.


  • These 3D glasses do not require any emitter. It works with 3D projectors.
  • It comes with an automatic power-off function. Due to this, within 1 minute of turning off your projector makes your glasses to turn off automatically.
  • It works on the next generation refresh rate technology, which supports backward compatibility.
  • The refresh rate on this 3D glasses varies from 96 Hz to 144 Hz according to your 3D content.
  • These glasses are optimized to work with every 3D projector available in the market.


  • It is not compatible with 3D television, computer displays, and other DLP based projectors.


5. Almencla Active Shutter 3D Glasses

Almencla Active

The Almencla Active Shutter 3D glasses (DLP-Link USB) are compatible with BenQ W1070 W700 Projector JX30-T Black. This product is a single set of 3D glasses with a premium build. It comes with humanity’s electronic design, which provides a light and comfortable fit. You will be provided with a soft, caring pouch and cleaning cloth with this 3D glass.


  • It comes with improved signal receiver enhancement with refresh rate up to 144 Hz.
  • It uses visual eliminate sync technology to minimize the frame drops.
  • It has a high transmission rate, which ensures no flickering issues with the visuals.
  • It is compatible with all types of 3D projectors available in the market.
  • The on/off button is designed intelligently for convenient operation.


  • Because of having a similar look like sunglasses, it’s a little bit difficult to make a difference between the two.


Are There Any Negative Effects of Using a 3D Glass on Our Eyes?

The simple answer to this question is “NO.” Till today, according to the researches conducted on 3D glasses, it does not give any conclusion of the negative effects of such glasses on our eyes. You might face some temporary headaches and nausea if you use 3D glasses for a very long duration of time, but nothing more than that. However, the products listed on our top 5 3D glasses list are tested for long duration usage also and still do not give any negative effects to the eyes.

People also ask

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions.

1) Do 3D glasses work with BenQ projectors?

Yes, they do.

2) Will Samsung 3D glasses work with BenQ W1070 projector?

No, they won’t.

3) Can normal projectors show 3D movies?

No, normal projectors do not support 3D movies.

4) Can you use 3D glasses on any TV?

No, 3D glasses don’t work with all television sets. 

5) What 3D glasses work with BenQ projectors?

You should pick 3D glasses that are capable of working with 120-144 Hz refresh rate. Also, if your BenQ projector does not support 3D, no 3D glasses will work for you.

The Bottom Line

All these 3D glasses listed above are the best suitable for the BenQ W1070 3D projector. But if you are still confused to choose THE BEST out of 5, then we would recommend you to go with BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses. However, as mentioned earlier, we are unable to decide the one as all are fantastic. You need to choose one according to your budget and purpose of use. We hope you liked reading this article. Enjoy streaming 3D content with the new 3D glasses on your projector. 🙂

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