Is MSI a good brand? – Know all the facts here


MSI is a popular laptop brand among gamers. It is well-known for its computer hardware, motherboards, graphics cards, etc. However, one question always arises – is MSI a good brand? 

Today, we shall speak about the brand in detail and discuss whether this is the one you must buy. Let’s begin –

Is MSI a good brand?

About MSI

Ask any gamer and you will get a resounding approval for MSI. It is one of the top brands when it comes to laptops and gaming PCs. It is, in fact, known for delivering the best options on the market. Almost all their laptops are high-end. This means that if you are looking for low-end or basic models of laptops, MSI will not help you.

Since all MSI laptops are high-end, it is obvious that the price range is also high. Budget buyers, thus, will not like MSI at all.

The good news, though, is that the brand does justice to the price tag. The graphics it offers are usually unbelievably good and the hardware is quite powerful. You can’t compare it with regular brands.

Another point that you should know about MSI is that it also has power laptops with a thin design for regular usage. These laptops appeal to non-gamers who want excellent options for professional needs.

MSI is also known to incorporate the latest features in its laptops such as unique keyboards and eye-tracking sensors. It keeps innovating to provide the best solutions and that’s one of the reasons why it rules the roost.


FAQs about MSI

To help you understand the brand better, we have answered a few commonly asked questions for you:

1) What does MSI brand stand for?

MSI stands for Micro-star International Co. Ltd. The company designs and manufactures computer hardware, services, and products. Its best known products are gaming laptops, motherboards, and graphics cards.

2) Which country is MSI from?

MSI is a multinational information technology company from Taiwan. The company now has branches in South Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Today, it has a presence in more than 120 countries across the globe.

3) Is MSI better than ASUS?

Both the brands have their merits but MSI clearly wins with respect to gaming laptops. ASUS is the right choice if you want laptops for professional use and not for gaming.

4) Is MSI a good brand for GPU?

Yes! MSI cards have consistently been reviewed as the best in terms of build quality and performance.

5) Which MSI laptop is the best?

It is hard to choose just one but if you want a consumer laptop, we would definitely go with the MSI PS63 Modern laptop. 

6) What is the best MSI gaming laptop?

Again, it is very hard to just speak of one. We have a list that you might be interested in –

  • MSI GS75 Stealth
  • MSI GT76 Titan
  • MSI GF63 8RB
  • MSI WS65 9TM

7) What are the strengths of MSI?

This is what we love about MSI products:

  • Extremely innovative. The brand spearheads gaming innovation with superb execution and usage of technology.
  • Accidental damage protection
  • Super high-quality, solid gaming laptops

8) What are the weaknesses of MSI?

Many users have reported that the tech support is quite weak. We are hoping this will change before users get tired and move on to other brands.

We hope our guide has answered all your questions about MSI. If there are any more, please let us know and we will answer them here. We are always looking forward to feedback and suggestions.

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