Are Curved Monitors Better? Are They Worth Buying?

Are Curved Monitors Better

A few years ago, things were very simple. If you wanted to buy a monitor, for example, you checked specifications and features. You did not care about its flatness because all monitors were flat! 

Are Curved Monitors Better?

But today, there are curved monitors. They are becoming popular by the day, and everyone is confused. Are curved monitors better? Are they worth buying? These are some of the questions that they are asking. The only way to answer them is to find out the pros and cons of curved monitors, and that’s exactly what we are going to do in this article.

Benefits Of Curved Monitor

Benefits of curved monitors

Let’s find out the benefits that curved monitors shower on their users:

  • They provide a wider viewing angle: In one go, you can see more without moving your head. 
  • They remove distortion because of their shape: The light is projected only towards the viewing from all angles. In flat screens, the light goes straight and goes past the viewer too.
  • They are more immersive: Since they expand on the peripheral vision, they engulf the user and make the overall viewing experience very immersive. In flat screens, the peripheral vision does not engage at all. That’s why they are less immersive.
  • They are easy on the eyes: Curved monitors allow you to see more without effort, and that reduces strain on the eyes. That’s why experts recommend curved monitors, especially when you are considering large ones, for comfortable viewing.
  • They offer more depth: When you buy curved monitors with excellent resolution, you will be able to experience 3D-like viewing. That’s how much depth is possible!
  • They are sleek: This cannot be the main benefit, but it is definitely a bonus. Curved monitors look good! They are aesthetic, aren’t they?

Cons of curved monitors

Cons Of Curved MonitorsWhere there are benefits, there are disadvantages as well! Let’s see what they are:

  • Wall mounting is not easy: Flat screens are very easy to wall mount, but curved screens require specific mounts, and the positioning needs to be accurate. That’s quite a headache, and the mounts are expensive.
  • There’s glare: At certain angles, chances of seeing a glare are quite high because some light source or the other may interfere. You may be able to eliminate one or two, but taking care of every viewing angle is difficult.

Verdict – Are curved monitors worth it?

That almost entirely depends on your needs. For gaming and programming, we think curved monitors are perfect. But, if you are just looking to surf the Internet and engage in basic work, you don’t need a curved monitor at all. No matter what you choose, remember to conduct thorough research so that you find the best option in your price range. 

Have doubts about curved monitors? Feel free to get in touch with us through the comments section. We are always happy to help! 

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