Best monitor for GTX 1070 – Top recommended monitors of 2021

Best Monitor for GTX 1070

GTX 1070 is an awesome graphics card but if you don’t have a compatible monitor, you won’t be able to take advantage of its power. This is why we recommend that you specifically pick a monitor that has the ability to pair well with your GTX 1070.

The thing with monitors is that there’s so much variety, it is easy to be confused. The choices are many and to pick what suits your needs can be time consuming. This is why we are here to help you out. We have collated a list of the best monitors in 2021 for your graphics card along with the pros and cons of each. Keep reading for more details:

Best monitor for GTX 1070

1. ASUS ROG Swift Gaming Monitor


Of course, we are going to start with ASUS! It is one of the most popular monitors because it is reliable and does complete justice to its price tag. Below are a few details about it:

  • This is a 27-inch UHD, 4K monitor.
  • It has an integrated aura sync and light sensor.
  • Its NVIDIA G-Sync HDR promises superior contrast and color. 
  • The monitor also has a quantum dot IPS display with life-like colors and smooth gradation.
  • You can enjoy multiple connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort among others.
  • The response time here is 4 ms.
  • The refresh rate is 144 Hz.
  • The monitor has an ergonomic stand that can swivel and pivot. You can also adjust its height.
  • Thanks to the ASUS Eye Care Technology, you will be able to use the monitor for hours without feeling strained.

The pros

  • Very bright screen
  • Active cooling fan
  • Very good input lag

The cons

  • May need adjustments in settings initially
  • Some users have reported random loss of sync
  • Expensive


2. Acer Predator X34 Monitor for GTX 1070

Acer Predator

The Acer predator monitor is a popular choice among gamers. And, why not? It has everything you could ask for! If you don’t believe us, read on and find out.

  • It is a 34-inch monitor with 1440 p resolution (QHD, ultra-wide).
  • It is powered by the NVIDIA G-Sync technology.
  • It has an LED display with an aspect ratio of 21:9.
  • The refresh rate offered is 100 Hz, which can overclock to 120 Hz when needed.
  • The monitor has USB 3.0, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports in abundance. It comes with all the required cables as well.
  • Its response time is 4 ms.
  • Thanks to the Acer VisionCare Technology, your eyes will remain strain-free even after hours of usage.
  • It also has the ColorPlus Technology, which makes games vibrant and experiential.
  • This is a curved monitor with in-built speakers.

The pros

  • Multiple USB ports (4)
  • Bezel-less design
  • Super smooth gaming

The cons

  • Pricey
  • Very large stand


3. ASUS Curved Gaming Monitor

ASUS 31.5”

If you want to stick to ASUS but would like to explore other options, why not check out the ASUS 32-inch curved monitor? It has been designed specifically for gaming and it comes with many interesting features such as the following:

  • It has adaptive sync/free sync technology for immersive gaming.
  • It allows enhanced customization as well thanks to ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting.
  • This is a 1800R curved monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz.
  • The monitor is VESA compatible. The stand allows height adjustment, tilt, and swivel.
  • You no longer need to be worried about flickering and blue light filters. The ASUS Eye Care Technology takes care of it all. It also eliminates eye strain.
  • The monitor has GameVisual and Game Plus technologies that enhance gaming experience along with the MOBA mode.
  • The response time is 4 ms.

The pros

  • VESA compatible
  • FreeSync monitor
  • Affordable

The cons

  • The IPS panel is only VA


4. Philips Frameless Monitor for GTX 1070

Philips 276E9QDSB

The Philips Frameless Monitor provides respite to everyone who is worried about hefty price tags. Reasonably priced and easy on the pocket, this particular monitor is perfect for beginners. Here’s a closer look:

  • It is a full HD IPS monitor measuring 27 inches.
  • As the name reveals, it is a sleek, frameless monitor.
  • Its refresh rate is 75 Hz.
  • This is a free sync monitor.
  • It is VESA compatible.
  • Connectivity options include VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI.
  • It is powered by the Philips Ultra Wide-Color Technology, promising excellent coverage.
  • The manufacturers offer a 4-year advance replacement policy.
  • The response time is 5 ms.

The pros

  • Easily affordable
  • Good features for the price

The cons

  • Screen is dark from an angle


5. Samsung UHD Gaming Monitor 


When it comes to monitors, Samsung does not like being left behind. We don’t want to leave it behind either because its monitors are amazing! Let’s learn about the 27-inch UHD gaming monitor to understand why you should consider it:

  • It offers 4K resolution with 1 billion colors and premium clarity.
  • The monitor has been optimized for gaming as well as home office usage. It has features such as picture-by-picture and split screen.
  • It has an eye saver mode to protect the eyes and minimize strain.
  • The response time is 1 ms.
  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • It is powered by the AMD Free Sync for a superb gaming experience.
  • You can connect various devices with it for a complete experience. It is compatible with PS4 and Xbox.
  • Its metallic stand is quite sleek.

The pros

  • Good response time
  • Sharp viewing angles

The cons

  • Average refresh rate
  • Suitable mostly for casual gaming



Before we close and let you go on a shopping spree, we would like to answer some FAQs.

1) Is GTX 1070 overkill for 1080p?

No, it is actually perfect for 1080p.

2) Does GTX 1070 support 240 Hz?

If it has capable ports, it can support 240 Hz.

3) Is GTX 1070 capable of running multiple monitors?

Yes, you can run 4 devices together.

4) Is GTX 1070 outdated?

No! In 2020, it is still popular and in-demand. Of course, there may be better options but it is certainly not outdated.

5) Is GTX 1070 a high-end graphics card?

We would say it is a mid-range card. However, it has been competing with the high-end ones thanks to its power and features.

6) Can GTX 1070 run 4K?

It supports 4K games for sure. But, since it has not been specifically designed for this, you may face frame drops.


GTX 1070 is quite a great graphics card. When you pair it with the right monitor, you will open up a world of possibilities. Go on then, get shopping. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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