Best 144hz Monitor Under $300: Top Gaming Monitors

144Hz monitors are preferred by gamers worldwide and with good reason. There is a massive advantage of 144Hz monitors in terms of the feel and the smoothness with which the game runs. 3D games are much brighter and smoother in a 144Hz monitor as compared to a 60 Hz monitor. Any GPU that is capable of delivering a frame rate of more than 120 fps can be paired with your 144Hz monitor to deliver the best gameplay experience. So if you have the right GPU, buying a 144Hz monitor is your next step!

However, many gamers shy away from taking a 144Hz monitor only because of the extra cost it has in the market. If you are such a gamer, who wants to try out a 144Hz monitor but can’t buy one because it is expensive, we are here to help! We carefully combed the internet for the best 144hz monitor under 300 and had made the below list for you!

Best 144hz Monitor Under $300

1) ASUS VG248QE 24″ HDMI Gaming Monitor

Asus VG248QEThis gaming monitor under 300 promises to ‘clear out the chaos,’ and needless to say, it delivers on its promise. It is perhaps one of the best products in this range that is available in the market. With its rapid refresh rate, it delivers an ultra-smooth performance even in the most complex of scenes. Tracers are eliminated since the response time of this monitor is only 1 ms, therefore ensuring clear and fluid playback.

  • It also has an ergonomically designed stand that can tilt, swivel, pivot, and be height-adjusted and wall-mounted.
  • This 24” monitor comes with built-in speakers of 2W to give you an immersive entertainment experience
  • It also supports multi-device connections which has the various ports on it, including DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI-D ports.
  • It features the exclusive hotkey provided by Asus for games- GamePlus. This hotkey has crosshair overlay with four different kinds of crosshairs. It even allows you to keep track of the spawn and build times with the on-screen timer that is present.

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2) ViewSonic XG2402 24″ Gaming Monitor

viewsonic-xg2401ViewSonic is one of the brands that provide the best 144Hz monitor under 300, and this monitor is no exception. With a 24” FullHD screen and built-in speakers, it has all the features that are desired by people playing the highest graphic games in the market. Along with the 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor also features Adaptive Sync technology, where refresh rates are variable, therefore eliminating all traces of screen tearing in all the fast-paced scenes.

  • Low input lag and a response time of 1 ms make this monitor super-fast with the right GPU.
  • The Game Mode feature available in this monitor gives you the most optimized visuals for FPS, RTS, and MOBA.
  • It also has a customized 22-level black stabilization function which helps you target better in the dark, along with a 120M:1 dynamic contrast ratio as well.
  • The headstand is inspired by gamers themselves, and has an integrated microphone port.
  • It has a limited warranty for 3 years.

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3) Acer Gaming 3D Monitor

Acer Gaming 3D MonitorThis monitor comes as a 27” FullHD Widescreen monitor that looks as spectacular as it gets. It is one of the best gaming monitors under 300, and soon you’ll see why we think so. It has a super-slim design with an X shaped stand lets it fit in spaces that other monitors cannot be accommodated.

  • It saves you up to 68% energy with the help of premium eco-friendly measures designed for this monitor by Acer, such as mercury-free white-LED backlighting.
  • A 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1 ms are only a few of the many amazing specs of this monitor. It also has a pixel pitch of 0.3114 mm, and many more features that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop- all for under $300!
  • You can connect it with your phone! With ports such as VGA, DVI, and HDMI input ports, you can easily share your smartphone or tablet screen onto this FullHD monitor without any setup.
  • It has a contrast ratio of 100 million: 1, giving you a crystal-clear view of the game, even in the brightest or the darkest scenarios.

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4) AOC G2460PF 24” Gaming Monitor

AOC G2460PFThis gaming monitor under 300 boasts of having one of the quickest graphics, that gives no stuttering and screen tearing. With a fully adjustable screen and sleek design it does not lag behind other monitors in looks as well. Their 144Hz refresh rate is said to be 2.4 times faster than that of a standard monitor.

  • One of the features of this monitor is that it has direct-insert horizontal connector ports so you can plug in your devices without any damage to the wire.
  • This monitor can also be mounted on walls for your convenience.
  • It makes use of AMD’s FreeSync technology to ensure there is no ghosting or screen tearing. The screen is also flicker-free, reducing the strain on your eyes and allowing you to play for hours.
  • There are many ports in this monitor, ideal for devices of every kind. These ports are- VGA, HDMI, USB 2.0, upstream USB, and another USB port on the side used for fast charging.

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5) VIOTEK GN24C 24″ Curved Monitor

VIOTEK GN24CThis 24” monitor has a bezel-less display that is designed so you can experience complete immersion into your game, thanks to a border-less 16:9 widescreen. The most striking feature of this gaming monitor is its 1800R curve, that gives you a better visual experience than standard monitors.

  • It has a 1 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio which produces vivid colors and a high contrast.
  • The screen of this monitor is also anti-glare, which means there is no harmful blue light being emitted from the screen. This prevents your eyes from straining and you can play comfortably.
  • With a 3 ms response time and FreeSync technology, you get a smooth rendering of your games, where the images flow into one another and there is no stuttering.
  • This curved monitor also comes with built-in speakers so you can get the complete experience while playing- all for less than $300.

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After going through the products, we are sure you might have picked a couple or so as your favorites. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy one of the above monitors, because we guarantee that you won’t find any other best 144hz monitor under 300 apart from these.

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