Best Vertical Monitor: Perfect Monitors for Portrait Mode of 2021

Best Vertical Monitor

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Advantages of a vertical monitor

When the regular ones are horizontal and do a pretty good job, one may wonder why vertical monitors are becoming the fad, especially for programmers. The generic answer here is simple – they are more convenient. Here’s how:

Wide monitors make you turn your head to get a complete view. This becomes a problem when you go so wide that you lose your peripheral vision.

  1. For documentation, programming, writing, etc. vertical monitors work better because they provide easier flow. These monitors allow users to see more code or notes at the same time so that they don’t have to scroll too much while working.
  2. Portrait mode monitors are often used along with regular monitors for a complete, mega-setup. Professionals, thus, get the most out of each monitor and increase productivity.

Choosing a vertical monitor – How to determine which one is the best for you

When you search for vertical monitors, you will see a plethora of options offering a certain tilt, adjustability when it comes to the height, high-end features, etc. It is up to you to determine which one will suit your needs the best. Here are a few pointers to help you:

What do you need the monitor for? If it is simply to take notes or for basic computing, you can buy a low-end one with basic features. Just make sure that it has a good display so that you don’t strain your eyes. A 21-inch monitor with HD display is perfect for you in this case!

  1. If you are a photographer, designer, or gamer, you will need a monitor with excellent resolution and clarity along with quick response time. An IPS monitor with ultra HD quality resolution and a screen size of 27 inches or more is ideal.
  2. Multi-taskers and professionals who spend a lot of time on their systems need more features such as adjustable height, full-HD, etc. An LED monitor of 21-26 inches and Quad HD resolution will do the trick.

 Keep these factors in mind and making a decision will be easy-peasy!

 Now, let’s go through We’ve compiled our list of the best vertical monitors available in the market today so that it is easier for you to make a choice!

Best Vertical Monitor

1. Dell UltraSharp U2515H 25-inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2515HOne of the best in terms of clarity and performance, the Dell UltraSharp is your perfect choice if your budget is high. It provides an ultra-wide 178/178 degree viewing angle and is one of the most popular choices on Amazon today.

Let’s dig deeper into a few of its outstanding features:

  1. The portrait monitor boasts of color precision with QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  2. Users have reported color consistency across the viewing angle.
  3. You can customize your window layout based on your viewing preferences, and the Easy Arrange feature will align all tiles perfectly.
  4. This is great for a multi-monitor setup.
  5. You can use it any way you want to! It provides numerous adjustments in pivot, tile, height, and swivel. The pivot is extremely smooth, enabling you to rotate 90 degrees clockwise as well as counter-clockwise.
  6. All monitors are factory tuned at 99% sRGB with deltaE < 3.
  7. It has an ultra-thin bezel to give you a seamless experience when you are working with more than one monitor.
  8. It does not come with an HDMI cable.
  9. It is VESA compatible
  10. It has USB 3, DP, and HDMI ports.
  11. It comes with Premium Panel Guarantee, which means the brand promises to replace the monitor in case you experience even one bright pixel.

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2. Asus ProArt PA248Q 24.1 Inch LED Vertical Monitor

Asus ProArt PA248QThe Asus ProArt is among the most popular vertical monitors out there giving close competition to Dell. It is HDCP supported and provides a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Here are a few more of its features:

  1. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports. The brand claims that this product is the first one in the world to come with this provision.
  2. It is a matte-finish screen.
  3. It provides 1:1 picture scaling.
  4. It is pre-calibrated, so you don’t have to worry about the color difference. It delivers 100% sRGB color reproduction.
  5. It has 16:10, 1920 x 1200 optimal HD A+ IPS panel.
  6. It also offers a picture in picture with measurement overlays on the screen.
  7. The stand that the monitor comes with is built well and is quite sturdy.
  8. It has a half-inch bezel.
  9. It does not have built-in speakers.
  10. It has various ports including VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI.
  11. The monitor comes with a 6-foot long DisplayPort cable.

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3. HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS MonitorIf you are looking for affordable vertical computer monitors that rotate 90 degrees, the HP FHD IPS monitor will not disappoint. It is a diagonal Full-HD monitor with micro-edge IPS.

Let’s take a look at its additional features:

  1. The aspect ratio provided is 16:9 with 2 million pixels, which give vibrant image quality.
  2. The response time is 5 minutes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
  3. It has 72% sRGB coverage and a 10M:1 dynamic contrast ratio.
  4. It comes with integrated speakers, but many users say that the volume is quite low.
  5. You can turn the screen to 90 degrees, but users have reported difficulty in adjusting the stand accordingly. You must first raise the monitor and then rotate it from landscape to portrait. Once you get the hang of it, you will notice that it is smooth and simple.
  6. The bezels are tiny and may go unnoticed.
  7. The vertical monitor comes with an AUX cord and an HDMI cable.
  8. In a fast-moving video, the chances are that you may see blurring now and then.

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4. BenQ 2K Photographer Vertical Monitor

BenQ 27 inch 4K PhotoVueThe BenQ Vertical Monitor comes with 99% Adobe RGB color space, along with IPS technology, making it the best choice for photographers who are looking for exceptional clarity.

Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  1. It has hardware calibration with the Palette Master Element Software. This lets you tune the color and maintain it according to your preferences.
  2. It has a shading hood, which reduces glare in most environments.
  3. The OCD controller lets you choose and switch from Adobe RGB to sRGB to Black & White modes efficiently.
  4. It has a 10-bit display that has the ability to produce about one billion colors.
  5. It has 14-bit 3D LUT for perfect blending accuracy.
  6. The resolution is 2560 x 1440 QHD, which promises ultra-high pixel density.
  7. The screen has a matt finish.
  8. It is a pricey monitor but does complete justice to the price tag, as reported by the users. However, you should make sure you buy this one only if it suits your requirements.

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5. HP LA2205wg 22-inch Widescreen Wide Flat Panel Screen

HP LA2205wg 22With a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and 1.76 million pixels, the HP widescreen wide flat panel screen is fairly priced. It has VGA and DVI-D outputs. Thus, if you are looking to connect it with your current monitors through other means, this may not be the right choice for you.

Here are a few more of its features:

  1. It rotates 90 degrees into portrait mode quite seamlessly.
  2. You can remove it from its mount and attach it to another mount if you wish to.
  3. The display is glossy.
  4. The display has an anti-glare feature.
  5. It does not have an HDMI port but has USB, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI-D ports.
  6. All users say that it is definitely worth the modest price tag and delivers more than what’s expected in terms of color and performance.

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Well, this is our list of the best vertical monitors today. You may choose the right one for you based on your preferences, requirements, and budget.

If you have any other choices, we’d love to know to hear about them![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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