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how to clean a monitor screen

LED monitors enhance viewing experience splendidly. They bring the picture to life and make us feel like we are a part of it. However, the only way to uphold this viewing experience is consistent maintenance.

Like every other gadget, you must take care of your LED monitor and clean it regularly so that dust and dirt do not disturb the picture quality. But, is it as simple as cleaning a table? Not really. Monitors are delicate and need additional care when cleaned and used. Brands usually give their own maintenance guidelines, but regardless, you must know how to clean a monitor screen without harming it.

How to Clean LED Monitor

Clean LED Monitor

Let’s walk through the steps so that cleaning an LED monitor is not a challenge for you anymore.

  1. Switch the monitor off and wait for some time. It is dangerous to try and clean a monitor when it is on or still hot.
  2. Once it cools down, unplug it from the main switch.
  3. Wipe the screen with a plain microfiber cloth very gently. If you press, the LED monitor may get spoiled.
  4. You may want to use water to ensure that it gets cleaned properly but we do not recommend spraying water onto the monitor. The safer thing to do would be to spray water on the microfiber cloth and then clean the monitor with it. Beware not to spray too much water.
  5. Once you are satisfied, let it dry if you used water.
  6. Switch it back on!

What not to do While Cleaning an LED Monitor

It is very easy to go the conventional way and clean monitors harshly like we clean everything else. This can do you more damage than help. That’s why we have mentioned what you must not do when you clean your LED monitor:

  1. Do not use detergent, cleansers, soaps, or any powders that have alcohol, paint thinner, benzene, or any such chemicals.
  2. Microfiber cloths are the safest. Abrasive cloths can leave scratch marks on the monitor and damage the anti-glare coating.
  3. Do not use wax on your monitor.
  4. Do not use paper towels because even these are abrasive.
  5. We recommend the use of distilled water instead of regular tap water.
  6. If you are really unhappy with the monitor and if water is not doing the trick, you may add white vinegar to the water in 50-50 ratio. Again, spray this mixture on the cloth and not on the monitor.


Something as delicate as your LED monitor needs special attention and care. Do not take it lightly and do not be harsh. Follow the steps we enunciated for you here, and your LED monitor will look new for a very long time!

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