IPS Vs LED: What is the Difference?


Many people do not think much about the technology and other aspects when they buy a monitor, especially a USB monitor. They just search the online or offline store, check their budget, and just consider the size of the screen they are buying. But, the other key features that should be taken into account are the display resolution, refresh rate, panel technology, backlit support, etc. Today, I will discuss the IPS VS LED technology, and show you the difference between them.

What is IPS technology?

The IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a display technology that provides a much better viewing angles and color reproduction facility than the TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. Superior color accuracy, higher contrast ratio, and a barely color shifting when you change the angle make the IPS displays one of the best and recommended monitor types today.

What is LED technology?

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is different than the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LED is more efficient, energy saver, and durable among the both. It is a flat panel screen which is more reliable and less power consumption.

IPS Vs LED – Difference

Let’s have a look at the differences between the LED Vs IPS technologies.

  1. The main difference between them both is, the IPS is a ‘Panel technology’ while the LED is a ‘Backlight technology.’
  2. Both can use another. I.e., the LED display can use IPS, PLS (Plane-Line Switching), or TN monitors and the IPS screens can use the LED or LCD backlight technology.
  3. You can have an LCD monitor which comes with IPS panel technology and LED backlight.
  4. The IPS monitor has the best color reproduction while the LED screens consume the lowest power by providing the highest contrast.
  5. IPS displays have the better viewing angles, and the LED backlit technology offers to enjoy the each corner of the screen with brightest lights.

Where will you find them?

The IPS Panel technology can be found in the gaming monitors, displays, and TVs, while the LED panels widely used in the smartphone screens. Both have some great advantages that can make them popular choices amongst the gamers and computer nerds.

We cannot directly compare the IPS VS LED as they are different types of technologies, but general information of both can give a clear idea to us.

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