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How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Laptop – Quick Tricks


A stripped screw can be very troublesome if you don’t remove it from your laptop immediately. While repairing your laptop, you will find that it can cause problems. If you are a victim of the stripped screw as well, we request you to be patient. There are limited options to remedy it but they work and only require simple tools.

In our article, we will cover the most commonly recommended methods to do so.

How to remove a stripped screw from a laptop 

Trust us and follow any of the methods below.

With a rubber band

rubber band

  1. Take a rubber band and place it on the screw. Then use the screw driver on top of the rubber band. This will create friction.
  2. Use pressure to turn the screwdriver. Do this slowly so that the pressure works and the screw starts moving.

With a drill bit

drill bit

You need a very small drill bit in this method.

  1. Put it in the center of your screw.
  2. Apply pressure and power very slowly. Be careful not to press very hard. The power should also be just enough. If it is too fast, your laptop will suffer damages.
  3. Use a plier to see if the screw is coming off. 
  4. Drill a little more if the screw is still tight.

With a drive bit

drive bit

  1. Apply some pressure to press the drive bit on the screw. Choose a square drive bit for convenience.
  2. Turn gently and see if it works.

This method may or may not work in extreme cases. If the screw is only slightly stripped, this should work without problems. 

With a superglue

  1. Apply some superglue to the tip of the screwdriver.
  2. Place it on the stripped screw and hold it until the glue sets.
  3. Now, turn it slowly and the screw will come off.

We do not really recommend this method because superglue can be permanent. You may not be able to use your screwdriver after removing the screw, thus.

BONUS – What causes a screw to strip?

Now that you know the solution to your problem, how about ensuring it doesn’t happen again in the first place? Understanding why screws strip will help you in this regard. The most common reasons are:

  • Using the wrong screw bit
  • Trying to screw it in really fast
  • Using bad quality screws
  • Using bad quality screw bits
  • Tightening the screw more than required
  • Not applying enough pressure
  • Applying too much pressure

If you can keep these in mind and avoid them when you handle screws, they will stay in good condition for a long time. You won’t have to deal with stripped screws then. 

We hope our article answered your questions and gave you the solution you were seeking. If you need any more assistance, please remember that we are just one comment away!

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