How to Set Monitor to 144Hz?: Try This Step By Step Guide

How to set monitor to 144 Hz

A 144Hz monitor is a real catch especially if you are a gamer and nobody can deny that! However, many complain that their 144Hz monitor is not showing 144Hz refresh rate. They say that it shows 64Hz instead. Here’s a complete guide addressing this exact problem:

Is my monitor 144Hz?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If yes, Windows should choose 144Hz by default. If it does not, maybe you are not using the display port. It is a known fact that you can only get 144Hz if you use the display port. A few monitors may support DVI-D as well. Other ports will not allow this function even if your monitor is 144Hz, to begin with.

Your problem should have been solved by now. If not, read on:

How to Set Monitor to 144Hz?

Now, we will take you through the steps to enable 144Hz on your computer.

  1. Go to Settings on your Windows 10 PC and choose System.Settings on your Windows 10 PC
  2. Find the Display option, click on it, and choose Advanced Display Settings.Advanced Display Settings
  3. Here you will see Display Adapter Properties.
  4. Under this, you will find the Monitor tab.
  5. The Screen Refresh Rate will give you options to choose from and here, you can select 144Hz.Screen Refresh Rate 144HZ
  6. Select OK, and you are done.

The steps may be slightly different in Windows 7 and 8. Here they are:

  1. On the desktop, right-click and choose Screen Resolution.Screen Resolution
  2. Choose Advanced Settings here.
  3. Under Monitor tab you will find Screen Refresh Rate.
  4. Choose 144Hz and press OK.Screen Refresh Rate windows 7

Remember, if you are not using the display port or the DVI-D port, you will not be able to find that option. It is best to use the cable that the comes with the monitor in order to avoid any hassle. If you do not have a display port and/or would like to use HDMI, you must be absolutely sure that it is a high-speed cable.

What if you are still not able to enable 144Hz?

You should also be sure that all cables are securely connected. You may even want to unplug and re-plug just to be sure. A few other reasons are as follows:

  1. The graphics drivers need to be updated.
  2. Your game has its own graphic settings, which need to be updated manually.
  3. Your PC’s GPU is not good enough. Old graphics are not likely to support 144Hz.

Take the necessary steps according to the issue you are facing and troubleshoot. If you still have no answer, it is time to call a professional to look into your problem.

People also ask

Over the past few weeks, we have received a few questions about the refresh rates of monitors. We have answered them below:

1) Does a monitor need 144Hz?

It depends on usage. If you are buying a gaming monitor, you can definitely buy one with 144Hz. Also, the computer should be powerful enough to support the refresh rate. Otherwise, you won’t do justice to your high-end monitor.

2) Can you make a 60 Hz monitor do 144 Hz?

If the monitor allows overclocking, you can try it. But it is unlikely that your 60 Hz monitor will have the capability to do 144 Hz.

3) Can I run HDMI on 144 Hz?

Yes, you can, if you have HDMI 1.4.

4) Can I customize Hz on a monitor?

This depends on whether your monitor allows customization. You can check by right clicking on the Windows desktop and then choosing Personalize. Here, head over to Display and then Display Settings. Now, go to Advanced Settings and choose the Monitor tab. You will be able to change the refresh rate here. 

5) Is VGA capable of 144 Hz?

No, it is not.

6) Is HDMI limited to 60 Hz?

Yes, HDMI can only run 60 Hz. The latest, 1.4 HDMI can go up to 144 Hz.

We hope this guide has helped you enable 144Hz. If you have any queries, please comment on this post!

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7 thoughts on “How to Set Monitor to 144Hz?: Try This Step By Step Guide

  1. Avatar laptop user says:

    what if in the windows 10 settins only 60hz was listed in dropdown box and the laptop has the 144hz specification what will i do?

  2. Avatar Daniel Hutchins says:

    I am also having issues getting 144hz out of my display. When you say display port, what one are you referring to? I am using the HDMI port and cable that came with the pc. There is another port for hdr, should I use that? I didn’t get that cable with it, so not sure that’s even the issue. I have tried everything, including reinstalling the drivers, and it still only lets me choose 120 as the max.

    1. Avatar g says:

      you need to use a dvi cable not hdmi

  3. Avatar Jurian says:

    This worked!!! THANK YOU

  4. Avatar dh says:

    This is helpful. thanks

  5. Avatar nate says:

    Mine only goes to 60 how do I fix this?

  6. Avatar Alex says:

    I’m using a ps4 how do I turn up my Hz from 60 to 144

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