HP vs Toshiba Laptops – Two Big Brands Comparison (2021 update)


In the laptop world, one of the most epic battles we have seen is between Toshiba and HP. Both brands are strong competitors and are neck-to-neck in many categories. But, if you are going to enter the New Year with a brand-new laptop, you should dig deeper and find out who emerges victorious in this fight.

HP vs Toshiba Laptops

 The range

We all love being spoiled for choice! So, which of the two brands caters to this whim? Which one of them has a wider range and select categories for us to pick from? Well, on the surface, you will find similar options and choices. But, the thing that we like most about Toshiba is that it has well-sorted niches. HP has a more generalised way of selling laptops, but Toshiba is more organised, making it easier for you to find exactly what you want.

 The functionality

Both brands have various laptops for different purposes, but every brand has a USP. So, if you want laptops for office purposes, you should go with HP without even thinking about it. For high-end multimedia and gaming, Toshiba has mind-blowing models.

The design

HP has always been known for plain laptops, but the recent designs are quite elegant. So, in 2019 we can expect even better designs, maybe? Toshiba, on the other hand, does not make eye-pleasing laptops at all. If the design is one of your choosing factors, HP is the way to go.

The price

We understand how much of a concern this can be because, let’s face it, laptops are not cheap. Ignoring the price and only focusing on specifications can, thus, be unwise.

Prices vary depending on the hardware and software programs we want to purchase. So, comparing models of each brand based on the specs is a good idea. In general terms, though, HP has better prices to offer to casual laptop users while Toshiba wins the price battle in higher range models which have solid hardware.

The reliability

It is even stevens in this category for Toshiba vs HP. They both offer similar services and warranty. You don’t need to worry about this, thus.

The winner

We cannot decide this, honestly. The answer will depend on your preferences and the purpose of your laptop. We advise that you jot down your requirements and look for laptops accordingly. Then, you may compare and find the best.Today, phones and laptops seem fascinating to everyone, but when it comes to work and gaming, laptops have not lost their charm. They remain one of the most desired electronic gadgets. We hope this article helped ease your confusion to a great extent because hey, we are entering 2019 soon and we must do it right!

We hope this article helped you make the right choice. Do tell us which model you chose to start 2019 with! If you have any queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to Comment.

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