IPS vs LED for gaming – Which monitor is perfect for you?

When it comes to gaming, the kind of monitor you purchase is crucial. It has the ability to make or break your gaming experience and we are sure you prefer the prior. So, in order to ensure that, you should pick the best based on your requirements. Monitors today have so many advanced features that it can get very confusing. And among the most common questions is whether you should buy an IPS monitor or an LED one for gaming. In this article, we will put your dilemma to rest.

A brief about IPS monitors

IPS or In-Plane Switching is a technology designed for LCD monitors. Monitors loaded with this technology boast of superior viewing angles and color accuracy. These features make them ideal not just for gaming but also for productivity. This is why, they are priced high and are quite sought-after.

A brief about LED monitors

LED, as we all know, is a backlight technology. It is well-known for lighting up every pixel on the screen, giving you a bright and vibrant output. They also have high dynamic ratio and tend to be easy on the pocket. A bonus feature is that they have less impact on the environment.

IPS vs LED for gaming

Now that you understand the basics of each technology, let’s dive in to learn which one you should choose for gaming.

Feature IPS LED
Response time Higher Lower
Viewing angles Excellent Not great
Color accuracy Excellent Not great
Power consumption High Low
Heat High Low
Display Good wide-viewing angles Not very good wide-viewing angles
Price Expensive Affordable

1) Response time

One of the biggest factors for gamers is the response time. We are happy to report that LED monitors take the cake here with 1 ms response time. IPS monitors are known to be slower. Having said that, we would like to point out that modern day IPS monitors have 1 ms response time but they are high-end ones and cost quite a lot.

2) Viewing angles and color accuracy

These are important factors as well, which is why choosing monitors based only on response time is wrong. Even though LED monitors are faster, they do not promise good viewing angles or color accuracy. The winner of this round is the IPS technology because they boast of both these features.

3) Power consumption

Because IPS monitors have superior quality images, they tend to use up more power. LED monitors, on the other hand, consume less power even though the images are bright.

4) Display

With IPS monitors, you get crystal clear wide-viewing angles – 178 degrees. LED monitors fail in this regard.

5) Heat

Because IPS monitors need more power, they get hot. LED monitors are cooler.

6) Price

As aforementioned, IPS monitors are expensive. Even the mid-range models are fairly more expensive than their LED counterparts. 

IPS vs LED monitors – The verdict

IPS monitors are hands down the better choice for graphic gaming. But, if you are an FPS player and/or are on a budget, LED is a better choice for you.

Now that your confusion is cleared, which monitor are you going to purchase? Tell us in the comments section.

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