Review of GeChic On-Lap 2501C Portable HDMI VGA Monitor

Review of GeChic On-Lap 2501C Portable Monitor

In our previous articles, we have seen the top USB monitors, their accessories, and how they help to increase your productivity in day-today tasks at your office or home. Today, we are going to review one of the top portable monitors, Gechic On-LAp 2501C.GeChic 2501C is the monitor-shaped for extreme flexibility and manageability. The monitor is light in weight with HDMI and VGA. The movable monitor is used with the laptop, camera, smartphone, mini PC, game console or other devices. It does not need driver installation.

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Review of GeChic On-Lap 2501C Portable HDMI VGA Monitor

Specifications and Features:

GeChic 2501C is HD USB-Powered Movable Monitor with built-in speakers and audio jack. The driver installation is not required. It can be plugged and played. It weighs with cover 2.27lbs and 1.28 cm thin. No lags with real video input, HDMI or VGA sold separately.

GeChic On-Lap 2501C

GeChic 2501C comes with a black cover that doubles as a stand. It is an ultra-thin and light portable monitor intended as an added accessory for better efficiency. An ultra-sharp picture at different angles is provided by the monitor in any environment. The monitor could adjust, that can be used in the landscape or portrait mode.

The multiple connectivity ports connect to laptops, MacBook’s, Mac Mini, smartphones, Xbox, PS4. It has the smart cover design that guards the screen when closed and doubles as a stand when on display. The monitor could be placed on a stand as the smart cover is removable. Quick connections with Plug-and-Play is available.

Performance of 2501C GeChic Portable Monitor connect to laptops, MacBook’s, Mac Mini, smartphones, Xbox, PS4.

Advantages of the monitor’s plug-and-play feature with no driver installations can be taken. Calculations on the monitor are performed by a built-in video chipset.

Performance of 2501C GeChic Portable Monitor

Performance of 2501C GeChic Portable Monitor

You cannot expect the high-level performance from a portable as you can have with a standard desktop monitor. As they are cheap in price and have some of the less functionality and connectivity options that a desktop monitor. But, it does not mean that you have to compromise with performance level while choosing the portable monitors, especially in the case of the GeChic 2501C monitor. As with the 15.6” full HD IPS screen, 1980x1020P resolution, refresh rate of 60Hz, and an aspect ratio of 16:9 makes GeChic 2501C a high-class portable monitor which does not lack any kind of performance expectations of the users.

What you will get in the box

  • Gechic 2501C Portable Monitor
  • USB cable and HDMI cable
  • One cover stand
  • And a user manual for easy installation and setup


Gechic 2501C Portable Monitor is a 15.6-inch HD, portable USB-powered portable monitor. It’s slim and light build made for carrying on anywhere. The connectivity is USB 3.0 which is ten times faster than USB 2.0. The slender and lightweight design makes this monitor very portable. The portable monitor has come with a lot of improvements and features than its predecessor. While fulfilling the basic requirement of a portable monitor screen, GeChic 2501C also offers a great viewing experience to you with its full HD resolution.

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