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What Is AV Cable? AV Vs HDMI – Learn The Differences

What Is AV Cable? AV Vs HDMI

Cables everywhere! That’s the state we are all in at the moment. Every electronic device comes with a special set of cables and there are additional wires as well, catering to different needs. Understanding what these cables are and why they are useful can take time. So, we decided to start with the most common ones – AV and HDMI.

What Is AV Cable?

AVShort for audio-video, AV cables are those colorful wires you see at the back of your TV. They are usually red, yellow, and blue. They each go into a similar colored port into the TV to provide sound and video to you. These wires are large with a pen ball shape and they support electricity through conductive materials.

AV cables are extremely popular and have a wide range of applications today.

What Is An HDMI Cable?

HDMITelevisions have evolved quite a bit in the past 2-3 decades. Today, we have curved TVs, OLEDs, plasma, and many more variations. HDMI cables complement these new TVs by providing crystal-clear HD multimedia from across the world.

HDMI cables are also capable of mirroring screens. This means that with one of these cables, you can mirror your laptop screen and watch it on the big TV. 

HDMI cables are usually black and have a silver head. They can accept and transfer audio and video signals together, eliminating the need for any other cable altogether.


AV vs HDMI – Which One To Go For?

Since both AV and HDMI cables have similar functionality, you might be wondering which one you should choose. We have enlisted their differences to help you decide.

  • HDMI cables use the digital pathway to convey data while AV cables cannot use this path.
  • HDMI cables can pick up digital signals while AV cables pick up analog signals.
  • Noise is a major problem with AV cables where HDMI cables are not as susceptible.
  • HDMI cable is just one wire while AV cables have 2-3 wires.

The Verdict

You will note that HDMI cables are basically the advanced option. They transmit digital signals seamlessly, which are the need of the hour. Having said that, AV cables are useful too, especially if you have an old TV that requires the transmission of analog signals. So, it is always good to have both cables handy at home. They have specific requirements and fit the bill as necessary.


AV cables may be old school but they are not obsolete yet. They are very useful in their own way and cannot be ignored. HDMI cables, on the other hand, are mandatory today. They are versatile and have numerous applications.

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