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Best Triple Monitor Stand

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Today, many professionals and gaming nerds do use dual monitor setup for their needs and comfort. Sometimes, they also go for the triple monitor setup to extend their creativity to a new level. But setting up such high-end system needs some individual support. An affordable, comfortable, and easy to set up stand for monitor is one of the essential things for such setup.

Why you need the best triple monitor stand?

Most of the modern computer monitors come with the ability to pivot, twist, or tilt which make them more efficient to use, especially while gaming or doing office work. But the stands such gaming monitors come with mostly fails in the test due to their rigid designs. So, it is advisable to buy an external monitor stand if you will be using the display for longer time. If you do not use the high-quality and best triple monitor stand for your multiple monitors, then you may end with an accidental damage to any of your displays.

How to choose the best three monitor stand?

There are specific areas which a supportive stand should be tested and passed to claim as a top beneficial product. You may check the below essential things before you purchase a stand for your triple monitor setup:

1. Monitor screen size

Depending on the size of the screen, i.e., 20”, 23”, 27”, etc. for all your three monitors, you can check whether the stand is capable enough according to that or not.

2. Type of the position

Where will you be placing the monitor setup? Do you want to set them on your desktop table or want to mount them on wall? There are specific stands available for wall mount and desk needs.

3. VESA mounts

VESA Mounting Interface Standard is considered for the flat panel TVs and monitors mounting. Generally, VESA mount capable stands have ranges like 100 mm x 100 mm, 75 mm x 75 mm, and 50 mm x 50 mm. Check whether the stand is compatible with VESA mount or not as it can affect your buying of a triple monitor stand.

4. Adjustments

The monitor support stand should be easy to setup and use. It should provide full convenience to your eyes by offering multiple viewing angles. It should swivel, tilt, and rotate to ensure flexibility according to your seating angle.

5. Weight & Price

Consider checking the weight of all your three monitors and the weight capability the monitor stand can handle. If you buy a lesser capacity stand, then it may be annoying to support all the three monitors at once.

Price is also an essential factor to keep in mind. Look for the monitor base available in the market according to your budget. Most probably, you may get the top-rated triple monitor stand under $100.

Best Triple Monitor Mount

1. EZM Deluxe Three Monitor Stand

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor (1)The EZM Deluxe from EasyMountLCD is a durable, simple, and easy to use triple monitor stand. If you can make sure that your table can handle a 32pounds extra weight with your gaming monitors and other things, then you can place it on the desktop. The wall mount option is also available though.

Specs and features of EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand are:

  • You can easily install it on wall with the help of included mounting brackets
  • It is compatible with VESA 100mm x 100 mm and 75mm x 75mm
  • This flexible stand can support three monitors with the screenBest Triple Monitor Mount size of up to 27-inch or 28-inch
  • It has viewing angles of 3600 for tilt up/down, rotate and 1800 for swivel right/left
  • You can set the monitors at any position (+/- 0.5” up/down), thanks to its ‘cockpit style’ design

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2. Mount-It! MI-2753 Triple Monitor mount with USB Port

Mount-It Triple MonitorThe Mount-It! MI-2753 is an affordable, sturdy, and flexible stand for triple monitor setup. Its grommet base & convertible clamp allows you to set up multiple monitors for increasing your productivity or enjoying high-end games without any discomfort.

Features and specifications of MI-2753 Triple LCD/LED Monitor Stand from Mount-It! Are:

  • Its every arm can carry up to 14.3pounds of weight
  • This stand is VESA mount 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100 mm compatible and has four adjustment points
  • It can hold three 24”, 27”, 30”, or 32” monitors on its articulating arms
  • You can rotate the head of each monitor up to 1800 and can tilt up to (+/-) 900 due to the adjustability feature
  • Integrated port of USB 3.0 connection for your USB Powered Monitor and ports for audio give clearer, attractive and comfortable look for your monitor setup

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3. VIVO V003M Triple Monitor Adjustable Stand

VIVO Triple MonitorThe VIVO Stand-V003M is an easy to fix, articulating stand that can hold up to three LCD monitors of 24” or lower screen size. The steel and aluminum material used in the design gives a sturdy and bold look to your best triple monitor setup.

Specifications and features in VIVO V003M Monitor Stand are:

  • This stand is VESA mounts 100 by 100 mm and 75 by 75 mm compatible
  • The triple monitor support will help to improve your work efficiency drastically
  • You can swivel or tilt it up to 90 degrees and rotate it through 360 degrees on the desk. You can also have a landscape or portrait mode of your screens
  • It can hold up to three monitors each with 24pounds weight due to its heavy-duty clamps and sturdy construction
  • Thanks to its integrated system, you can efficiently manage the cables of power and AV for your displays

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4. SIIG CE-MT2111-S1 Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor mount

SIIG Premium AluminumThis VESA 75 and VESA 100 compatible aluminum stand from SIIG supports up to three monitors from 13-inch to 27-inch screen size. You can easily organize the cables of your displays with the help of clutter-free integrated cable management.

Specifications and features of SIIG CE-MT2111-S1 Three Monitor Stand are:

  • High-quality aluminum arm gives a sturdy design and professional look to the stand
  • You can have the curved-in adjustment for both the right and left side displays
  • It can hold up to three screens with 17.6pounds weight
  • You can have portrait or landscape mode of the monitors with full 360 degrees rotation and (+/-) 15 degrees tilt adjustments
  • Easy to install either on desk or a wall mount makes it a preferable choice in the category of widescreen monitor setup

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5. Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand for 27” Displays

Jestik Horizon

How can we end the list without mentioning this all in one triple monitor stand from Jestik? It doesn’t matter what you will be doing, either gaming or working; this LCD monitor stand will fulfill all your imagination while at work or in a relaxing mood.

Features and specs of Jestik LCD Stand for Triple Monitors are:

  • You can place up to three screens with 27-inch screen size and weight of 17.6 lbs for each
  • Comfortable up & down, arc-shaped adjustment allows you to work or play games at right height and convenience distance
  • Organized and integrated cable management system will enable you to have a nicely managed desktop space
  • It is compatible with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA mounts
  • Fully customizable functionality offers you to switch, tilt, rotate, or swivel as per your requirements

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What is your preferable stand for the best triple monitor setup?

If you ask me, I will prefer to buy the VIVO V003M as it is the top triple stand monitor for my 24-inch screen duos. Its heavy duty build makes me worry free from facing any accidental harm to my monitors. But, the choice can change from mind to mind, and that’s why I pick and listed the best 5 stands for triple monitor setup.

Until the end of this post, I think you may have a brand in mind? But which one is it? Is it listed in this article? Or do you like any other brand or product that I missed here? Feel free to give your inputs in the comment section below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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