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Let’s start with a confession – we all like big things. We want large computers, bigger phones, and enormous television sets. But, at what point does “big” become “too big?”

We are, of course, speaking in the context of monitors for gaming. To make sure that you experience your game, you might think that a large monitor is ideal. And, you may be right but there are multiple other factors that affect this parameter. 

Getting a perspective of 32 inches

The average television set measures 32 inches. Now imagine a monitor that’s just as big. It might enthrall you because your focus is on life-like gaming. And, we don’t blame you at all. 

Having said that, you should note that 32-inch monitors are not very common. We usually see 24 inches because that’s a good monitor size. In some places you may see 27-inch monitors but that’s about it. Very few gamers go for larger sizes because there are specific requirements. 

Is a 32-inch monitor too big? 

The answer depends on a number of parameters that we will discuss now.

1. The resolution

This is very important. If you are looking at 1080 pixels, you seriously do not need a 32-inch monitor. 24 inches will be more than enough. For 1440 pixels, you can look at 27 inches. But, if you need 4K resolution, 32 inches will do you a lot of good. 

Also, there are many monitors that have 1440 pixels at 32 inches. You can choose from these as well.

2. The placing

If you are going to sit close to the monitor while playing, 32 inches will be too much. A large desk and considerable space between you and the monitor are essential to get the best experience. Otherwise, you will feel strained and your neck will pain because you will have to move your head around a lot.

3. The processor

If you have a high-end CPU with incredible graphics and other specs, it will do justice to a 32-inch monitor. If you have a regular CPU, you should consider a smaller screen.

4. The number of players

Another serious consideration is the number of players. If you spend most of your time playing with 1 or 2 others, you can go with the large screen. For solo players, it is a bit much.

So, in short, we would like to enunciate that there’s no such thing as too big or too small. It all depends on your needs. Also, you shouldn’t buy a monitor because you can afford it. You should get one because you need it. 

32-inch monitors are most suited for UHD games. If that’s what you mostly engage in, you can happily pick an appropriate monitor. Remember, there are many different options available even within this category, making it easy for you to pick. All the best!

If there are any more questions regarding monitor sizes or resolutions, please leave a comment.

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