UltraWide Vs Dual Monitors: Top Insider Secrets to Know

UltraWide Vs Dual Monitors

From the graphic designers to the accounts professionals, from the digital marketers to the DIY enthusiasts; people are relying on more and more applications day by day. This thing leads to use more than one app at a time simultaneously which needs more than a single display to avoid flip back and forth continuously. Yes, it’s true that a dual monitor setup helps efficiently in increasing the productivity, but the top-quality ultrawide displays are rivaling the dual and even triple monitors in a better manner.

It’s quite apparent that having a dual monitor setup or an ultrawide screen will not automatically make you more productive than before. You have to put real efforts into that. But, that’s a different thing. Here, we will discuss and see the secrets of both these options.

Ultrawide Monitor  Vs Dual Monitor

Before jumping to the comparison, we will have a brief about ultrawide monitors.

What is an Ultrawide Monitor?

An ultrawide monitor also referred as a widescreen monitor is a display with the aspect ratio of 21:9. The aspect ratio is the measurement of the pixel by considering the width and height of the screen. So, according to this, for a 21:9 widescreen monitor, we have 9 pixels in height for every group of 21 pixels in width.


Specifications of an ultrawide monitor

Though the specification can differ from brand to brand and model to model, below are some most common specifications of an ultrawide monitor:

  1. The screen size can be 29” or higher
  2. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9
  3. Such display comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixels (1080P)
  4. Most ultrawide monitors are built with IPS panel technology
  5. It can have a response time range from 1ms to 5ms
  6. An ultrawide monitor offers a comfortable viewing angle of 1780 horizontally/vertically
  7. Such display comes with sRGB color space of over 99%

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors: Which is Better?

Dual displays are surely advantageous for those who work with multiple applications at the same time. Ultrawide monitors are providing the same feature with comparatively wider screens than regular monitors. Then, how can you decide which is better? Well, let’s see some info about both and then select.

  • You can use any sized monitor while setting up the dual displays, which means, you can go for two 17” screens which will not make any break in your banks. While a typical ultrawide monitor can make you deal with your budget as it is available at a costlier price.
  • Dual monitors let you use full-screen versions of the applications; while the ultrawide screen allows you use multiple apps in their minimized forms.
  • An ultrawide monitor uses only the required power and data cables to operate normally, while dual display setup needs a bunch of extra HDMI and power cables which can create a mess if you do not have sufficient space on your desk.
  • You may need to buy an additional mounting stand for setting up the second screen on your desk, while the ultrawide monitor doesn’t need such accessories in normal conditions.
  • Doesn’t matter how you arrange or place the dual monitors, there will always be a space between them. And also the frame around the screens can give a little bit of distraction to the user. In ultrawide monitors, you will not face such issue.

Conclusion: Ultrawide Screen or Dual Monitors?

If you want a perfect setup for your office use, i.e., to increase work productivity, then I recommend going for the dual monitors rather than the ultrawide screens. But, if you are choosing a display for the gaming mostly, then you should prefer to buy an ultrawide monitor as it provides better and immersive gaming experience than the dual monitor setup.

The choice is yours. If you do not have bars on the budget, then go for the ultrawide screens which give you the best user experience in different aspects. If you want to go for a limited budget option, then the dual monitors can be a far better choice for your desk.

Which option do you go with? Whether it is ultrawide or dual monitor setup? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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