27 Vs 32 Monitor – Which Size Is Perfect For You?

27 Vs 32 Monitor

Gone are the days when 24-inch monitors were the standard. Today, we are looking at larger monitors that promise an immersive experience. It doesn’t matter if that’s for work or gaming. 27 and 32 monitors are now more popular.

27 Vs 32 Monitor

Today, we shall take a closer look at these 2 popular sizes to help you determine which one to choose.

27 vs 32 Monitors – Size Comparison

When you check size charts, you should note that monitors are not measured across. They are measured diagonally. So 27 or 32 inches in your mind may be different from how big the monitor actually is. Understanding the dimensions will help you determine which one you should go for based on need and space availability.

Also, you must keep in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better. For some applications, 27 is the perfect choice and 32 might just be too big. In other applications, even 24 might be good enough.

27 vs 32 Monitors – Which OIne To Go For

Now, let’s compare these monitors in different scenarios.

Office Use

When it comes to office use, the choice is purely personal. Some may be happy with 24 while others may want a 27 monitor. 32 is the largest and has the best resolution. It is suitable for graphic designers and video editors

Also, space is a consideration you should remember. Not all office spaces or home offices are large enough for a 32 monitor.


Pro gamers will definitely be attracted to 32 monitors because they are immersive, life-like, and of superb resolution. So, if you can afford a large monitor, you should go for it. 27 is just as good. Having said that, 32 and 27 are too large for casual gamers. 24 inches will be good enough for you.


We see many programmers using 24 monitors to this day. The standard size is quite comfortable. However, if you are looking to upgrade, we advise that you choose 27. It will give you extra space for multiple windows and terminals. A 32 monitor would definitely be overkill for programming.

27 vs 32 Monitors – The Verdict

Your final choice will heavily depend on your work and the need to multitask. If you multitask a lot or are a pro gamer, a 32 monitor is what you should go for. Otherwise, 27-inch monitors are just as good. They are also well-priced and cheaper than 32-inch models. That’s another thing to remember. 


It might seem like a simple choice but there’s a lot that you should consider while purchasing a monitor. The size is of paramount importance especially if you are a pro gamer. Take your time and don’t be hasty with your decision. Both sizes have their pros and cons. Assess what’s more important to you and choose accordingly.

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