Best Glossy Monitor – Top Reviewed Glossy Screens Of 2021

Best Glossy Monitor

Glossy screens are known for their vivid colors and high transparency, making them quite attractive. This is one of the biggest reasons why they have a slight edge over matte screens. Old CRT television had glossy screens to ensure excellent and immersive output that we so fondly remember. 

Today, there are matte screens as well, which are more affordable screens. Of course, they don’t look as great as glossy monitors but they are a good compromise in most settings.

A Brief About Glossy Monitors

Glossy monitors are very popular because of their ability to display rich colors, bright whites, and deep darks. They are perfect in controlled environments where you can ensure that no direct light hits the monitors. Otherwise, they will reflect the light into your eyes, causing excessive discomfort. Even with anti-glare treatments, you will not be able to get a smooth, strain-free viewing experience. So, we advise that you use glossy monitors only if you are sure that you can completely control the lighting in the said environment. 

Otherwise, a matte monitor is always a safe option. It is practical and usually more affordable. But, if the environment is highly controlled and the light sources are not adequate, the display output will suffer. 

The right one for you, ergo, completely depends on the usage and the environment.

Best Glossy Monitor

Now, let’s go through the different options of glossy monitors available on the market today. We have shortlisted them based on our expert reviews and user feedback.

1. Dell S Series Monitor – S2719H

Dell S Series Monitor – S2719HThis 27-inch monitor is easily one of the most reliable ones out there with an LCD, InfinityEdge Display. Below are some of its main features:

  1. It gives a spectacular view, giving you an immersive experience.
  2. It is designed to be aesthetic with a glossy back and a stylish design.
  3. The monitor has CinemaSound to give you dynamic music experience along with a great cinematic experience.
  4. The color are rich and consistent with a wide viewing angle. The in-plane switching technology further makes it vibrant.
  5.  It offers more than 99% sRGB coverage.
  6. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  7. It offers dual HDMI connectivity. It also has an audio-line port.
  8. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 and it supports more than 16.7 million colors.
  9. The response time is 5 ms.
  • ComfortView technology to make viewing comfortable
  • Good picture quality
  • Sturdy stand
  • Offers only HDMI connectivity (no VGA or DVI)


2. BenQ IPS Monitor – GW2780

BenQ IPS Monitor – GW2780Another winner in the amazing yet affordable range is the BenQ IPS monitor. It is a 27-inch monitor with 1080p resolution and the following features:

  1. This is an easy-on-the-eyes IPS monitor with ultra-slim bezel and proprietary Eye Care Tech.
  2. It also has adaptive brightness that delivers better image quality.
  3. The full HD monitor provides 250 nits of brightness.
  4. It also has built-in speakers.
  5. The viewing angle is 178 degrees, which is wide and clear.
  6. The ultra-slim bezel saves space and provides elegance. The monitor is indeed quite aesthetic!
  7. It is VESA mount compatible.
  8. Connectivity options include VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort.
  9. The monitor’s refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  10. The response time is 5 ms.
  • Frameless design
  • VESA mountable
  • Good brightness and clarity
  • Great value
  • The in-built speakers are not great
  • Contrast is not very good


3. HP P Series HD IPS Monitor – P274

HP P Series HD IPS Monitor – P274HP is one of the leading manufacturers of quality monitors that are also easy on the pocket. This particular glossy monitor has a full HD IPS panel along with some interesting features. We have mentioned a few below:

  1. It is an excellent monitor for work and regular viewing. 
  2. You can work with multiple applications by opening them side-by-side at the same time.
  3. Its ergonomics are top-notch with 4-way adjustability and 3-sided micro-edge bezel.
  4. The monitor comes with good connectivity in the form of VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI.
  5. It filters blue light emissions and provides a warm spectrum so that you don’t strain your eyes while using the computer.
  6. It is VESA mountable.
  7. Like the others on our list, its response time is 5 ms and its refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  8. HP provides a limited warranty of 3 years on this monitor.
  • Easy to setup
  • Customizable features
  • VESA mountable
  • The power connection is not of great quality


4. Samsung Curved Screen Monitor – CF397

Samsung Curved Screen Monitor – CF397Those who are looking for a large and curved monitor for work and gaming will love this particular model from Samsung. It is a 32-inch large monitor with an LED, glossy screen and the following features:

  1. The monitor works on Samsung’s Active Crystal Color Technology, providing vibrant colors and a great experience.
  2. It has an 100R curvature that provides superior viewing and beautiful panoramic views.
  3. It is ultra-slim and chic. Its thickness is less than 0.5 inches.
  4. Its response time is 4 ms.
  5. Connectivity is not a problem at all because the monitor has VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPorts.
  6. Other important characteristics include FreeSync Technology, Flicker-free Technology, Game Mode, MagicBright, Eye Saver Mode, and TFT Active Matrix.
  7. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • Very good contrast ratio of 3000:1
  • Curved and immersive
  • Super thin design
  • Not VESA compatible
  • No internal speakers


5. HP Elite Display – E243

HP Elite Display – E243Here’s another superb choice from HP! The HP Elite Display stands up to its name by offering good features for work and casual usage. Below are a few more details:

  1. It is a 24-inch HD IPS monitor with a glossy screen.
  2. For comfortable viewing and usage, this particular model is customizable. You can adjust its height, tilt, and swivel.
  3. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.
  4. You have multiple connectivity options such as VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort.
  5. The monitor has a 3-sided micro-edge bezel.
  6. The response time is 5 ms and the refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • Very bright
  • Thin and chic
  • Good color range
  • Viewing angle is not great


People also ask

Before concluding, let’s take a look at some FAQs.

1) Is Glossy Screen Bad?

It can strain the eyes when used in an uncontrolled environment where the light directly hits the monitor. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice.

2) Are Glossy Monitors Better?

They offer more vibrant and vivid colors. If that’s what you need, they are indeed better.

3) Why Are Touchscreens Glossy?

Touchscreens are usually glossy to avoid smudges and fingerprints.

4) Is Glossy Screen Better or Matte?

It all depends on your requirements. For more vivid colors, you can go for glossy screens. For a monitor that’s easy on the eyes, you can go for with matte.

5) Does Dell Make Glossy Monitors?

Yes, it does.


As long as you can take care of light sources, glossy screens are a great choice. Choose any from our list and you will be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions, you can direct them to us and we will be happy to get back to you with the answers.

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