ViewSonic XG2401 vs XG2402 – Comparison and Review of Best Monitors

ViewSonic XG2401 vs XG2402

Gamers have a world of choices today when it comes to monitors, don’t we? Even if budgets are tight, we have multiple options today. Sometimes,  we get confused! We like 2 or 3 models equally and have absolutely no idea which one to go for. That’s the plight most of our readers are currently facing with ViewSonic XG2401 and ViewSonic XG2402.

Both of these models are alike. In fact, ViewSonic XG2402 is the latest model, and ViewSonic XG2401 is an older one. They are both affordable and offer a variety of similar features. This is making it an extremely challenging task for people out there and trusts us, we can feel you! And, that’s exactly why we have decided to speak about each of these models. Towards the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which one to go for. 

ViewSonic XG2401 Review


Most of us are familiar with the ViewSonic XG2401 model since it has been around for quite a while now. Users have mostly positive things to say about it, especially its contrast ratio and vibrancy. The monitor comes powered with FreeSync Technology as well, which can enhance your gaming experience and give you the best in the category. Let’s skim through its features now:

  • Provides excellent imaging performance and tests.
  • No input lag at all.
  • Comes with an ergonomic stand.
  • Superb build.
  • Falls comfortably in the affordable range. Since it has been around for a few years, discounts and deals are common. So, you are likely to get the ViewSonic XG2401 at a much lower price during Prime Days or during random deals.

If you look at the downsides, you will note the following:

  • Gray to gray transitions is slow.
  • The pixel response time is not good enough.
  • May not be easily available because it is an older model and has been phased out in multiple locations.

ViewSonic XG2402 Review


New and improved, ViewSonic XG2402 is indeed an upgrade. It looks great and falls in the same price range as its predecessor. Some of its best features are speed and gaming display. Both these are better than its counterpart, but of course, the contrast ratio is not as good. Here are a few more features:

  • Pixel transitions are really fast.
  • It has a shallow stand that makes it easy to move it forward against a wall.
  • It functions on the Rampage Response Technology, which reduces ghosting without having you worry about overshoot.
  • It has an AU Optronics TN Panel that reduces that provides good contrast ratio and colors.

What are the downsides of this new model?

  • Even though its contrast ratio is good, it is not comparable to the ViewSonic XG2401. The same holds true for sRGB coverage since it is only 98% in its case.
  • Since it is a new model, discounts may be hard to come by, but you can still try in deals. However, be wary of stores that try to rip you off due to the demand.

ViewSonic XG2401 Vs XG2402

We are sure you have figured out by now that neither is a clear winner. Each of these models has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, whichever one you choose, you are the winner! 

We advise that you get into the specifics and analyze each of them carefully. For example, how important is the contrast ratio to you? Is speed the biggest factor? Ask yourself these questions, and the answer will come to you automatically. 

People also ask

In this section, we shall answer a few FAQs about these monitors.

1) What do I need to connect ViewSonic XG2401 to my computer?

You will either need a DisplayPort or an HDMI cable.

2) Does the ViewSonic XG2401 work with NVIDIA?

Yes, it does.

3) Does the ViewSonic XG2401 come with a DisplayPort cable?

Yes, it does.

4) Will I get 144 Hz on my ViewSonic XG2401 when it connect to my PS4?

No, you won’t. You will get less than 60 FPS because PS4 cannot handle 144 Hz.

5) Does the ViewSonic XG2402 come with a DisplayPort cable?

Yes. It also includes a USB cable, power cable, and LCD display cable.

6) Does the ViewSonic XG2402 have speakers?

Yes, it has internal speakers.

7) Is the ViewSonic XG2402 1440p?

Yes, it is.

8) How long is the power cord in ViewSonic XG2402?

It is around 4 feet, which is long enough for most setups. 

Also, since both of them are in the same price range, you don’t have to worry about the price at all. Just choose your favorite based on specs and make a purchase. We love both of them equally, and any of them would deck up your gaming, guaranteed. All the best!

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